nimbus meets nihon


Another day in Ikebukuro with Nami.  It’s more or less our hang-out spot of choice.  This time we got sushi for lunch, and then she bought some tea from the Swallowtail patisserie, then we wandered around Sunshine City.  

This stupid mall has… a small cat-themed amusement park inside of it (for some reason, the music was Frosty the Snowman), along with a rooftop aquarium and planetarium.  It took us way too long to find the elevator to the aforementioned aquarium and planetarium, and then the line was stupid long and they were shouting that tickets might be sold out by the time we got to the top.  

Afterwards, we got astrological parfaits at a cafe called “Milky Way.”  She got the Virgo parfait because she’s a Virgo, and I got the Aries parfait because I’m a Libra, but the Libra parfait wasn’t as exciting.  

Of course we did purikura, nearly killed ourselves laughing because of stupid faces and poses.  And without fail, we did karaoke too.  I was really feeling the 90’s vibe of my childhood because I’ve recently been watching Hunter x Hunter with Tash.  So I sang some Yu Yu Hakusho, some Hunter x Hunter, Sailor Moon, it was great.  

It was super freezing and WINDY AS HELL at night, and I had worn shorts because the afternoon high was a beautiful 71.  But then the weather turned on me like an asshole.  

Now there’s only one week left here in Tokyo~  What else to do…


My friend Diana came to Tokyo for a weekend, and we planned to meet up bright and early Saturday morning to hang out~!  It had been a long time since I last saw her, so I was really happy and glad to see that she’s doing OK.  She’s teaching here in Japan too, just several prefectures away.  

We decided to go to Ikebukuro, most just sit and chat, catch up.  We spent some time at a cat cafe, wandered around the anime shops to find a gift for her little sister, and I took a picture of this “eye mirror” place.  It’s a glasses shop.  But it’s staffed by butlers.  So it’s a megane-shitsuji thing.  And I couldn’t really process it.  I could understand a cafe staffed by megane butlers.  But this was just a glasses shop.  

The second picture is a view of Sunshine city taken from one of the top floors of the Animate building across the street.  


On another cold and windy, miserable day (god I love winter), I went for a walk around Shibuya.  My goal was to find the XXXHolic cafe, but I was thwarted by a private party that rented the cafe out for the entire friggin’ day.  Oh well.  Better luck tomorrow, I supposed.  

I did find a Disney castle and had lunch at the Loft cafe.  Their mascot is a bird thing… so they brand their burgers with it.  It’s… sort of cute?  It’s also why there’s egg in basically everything.  And that made it less cute.

I also spent a good hour in Tower Records listening to music samples.  Rediscovered Miyavi.  Love his new single, Ahead of the Light.