nimbus in japan


The first pic is from the actual butler cafe website because pictures inside are forbidden.  But we can get a personalized fruit tart.  The limit was 20 characters.  My friend and I decided to be clever.  

This SHITsuji be cray

Trying to explain it to the butlers who presented it to us on a fancy tray was the most amusing thing I’ve had to do in a long time.  

Oh butler cafes… they’re a lot more fun and more worth your money than a maid cafe in a lot of ways.  I pouted because I wanted a megane butler.  But you can’t win ‘em all.  


Remember when I said my washing machine was semi-automatic so I have to pour in the water myself?  LIES AND DECEPTION.

There is a separate knob for turning on the water flow.  It’s not ON the machine, it’s BENEATH the machine.  I decided to do laundry for the first time in 3 weeks.  And I thought, there MUST be an easier way.  Come the fuck on.  And then oh look.  A little dialy knob near my feet.  What if I turn it?  -hears the sound of water flowing into the washing machine-

-screams and falls on the floor-

Tash got to witness this firsthand.  Via Skype video.  Because I was trying to show her, oh look, look at my stupid washing machine.  Watch me fill it up manually!  And then… no.  NOPE.  Stupid is me.  Watch the washing machine fill itself. 


On a nice day where it was actually a bit warm, I went to Tokyo Tower.  I expected to see the Japanese skyline riddled with giant power rangers mecha fighting godzilla while magical girls raced across the sky and Mt. Fuji erupted in the background, but instead I just got these buildings.  

I ate at the top floor cafe, looking down upon the puny peasants as I downed my chilly strawberry parfait.  Then I took the wrong subway line and ended up in Ginza, decided to wander, got bored of the high couture shops (not nearly as fun as the shops in Harajuku and Shibuya), and wandered back to Shibuya.  

In the evening, I opted to see Les Miserables finally.  And for 1800 yen no less.  God, movies in Japan are stupid expensive.  But it was worth it?  The movie was fantastic, I was bawling ugly tears, making the people next to be uncomfortable, and left the theater with swollen red eyes and slightly smeared makeup.  I was walking back home when a Japanese man tried to hit on me with the LAMEST pick-up line.

“Did some asshole make you cry?”  

And I was like… what just… did you really just… and I legitimately laughed aloud at him.  I couldn’t believe what he had just said to me.  He then smiled, and said.

“See, you look better smiling.  Let me buy you a drink.”

I politely declined, and explained that I had just gone to see Les Mis.  He said,

“Oh… well I’ll still buy you a drink.”  

But I refused again and kept walking home.  

Oh Japan… I can’t believe you tried to use such a lame pick-up line on me.


The second day, the XXXHolic cafe was a success!  The lighting is really bad for taking cellphone pictures though, so all of these are tinted horribly.  I got this fizzy blue and purple alcoholic drink, and caramel smothered banana pancakes.  

The decoration was really nice.  Combined with the lighting, it gave the cafe a really nice atmosphere.  I also got special XXXHolic coasters for ordering from their special menu, and my waiter was cute.  


On another cold and windy, miserable day (god I love winter), I went for a walk around Shibuya.  My goal was to find the XXXHolic cafe, but I was thwarted by a private party that rented the cafe out for the entire friggin’ day.  Oh well.  Better luck tomorrow, I supposed.  

I did find a Disney castle and had lunch at the Loft cafe.  Their mascot is a bird thing… so they brand their burgers with it.  It’s… sort of cute?  It’s also why there’s egg in basically everything.  And that made it less cute.

I also spent a good hour in Tower Records listening to music samples.  Rediscovered Miyavi.  Love his new single, Ahead of the Light.  


On this lazy Saturday, I thought that I would go for a nice bike ride.  After spending most of my morning lazing about playing Persona 3, figuring out how my washing machine ACTUALLY works, and chatting with Tash, I finally went out about 2 hours before sunset.  The beach is about a 20 minute ride from where I live, so I decided to go.  

It was great.  It was good to just get out, ride around, the wind in my face, and then when I got to the beach, I just felt really really calm.  The sun was setting, the breeze was fresh, and the sound of the waves was just really really nice.  As I walked up and down the beach, I discovered cosplayers!  About 30 or so of them, all spread out in small groups across the beach, cosplaying nautically themed animes.  I asked these 2 girls if I could take their photo when it looked like they were just about done with their photoshoot, and they were really really surprised at first.  Do people not usually take their picture?  Man, I don’t see why not!  

I chatted with them a little, it turns out that cosplayers go to the beach pretty much every weekend, because it’s a good location for photoshoots.  And there are enough nautically themed series to go around, so why the hell not.  I told them that I had done cosplay in America, and they were super super excited to hear that it was popular in the US too.  They encouraged me to do it in Japan too, to maybe come back to the beach next week, but I told them that I didn’t have my sewing machine, and that materials were in general a little too expensive here.  They made disappointed faces at me, but they kept encouraging me to try, and gave me names of cheap cosplay stores even.  They asked me what costumes I had done, and they were pretty much in love with every single one I told them.  XD  Man, if I’m ever just lazing about, I think I’ll probably go to the beach.  Cosplayers, great atmosphere, decent amount of exercise to bike there and back, why not?  

When the sun was almost set, most of them left, and then the beach was filled with mostly young couples.  I strolled away from the sand and the waves and walked a little further inland, discovering the Chiba Flower Museum.  I didn’t actually go in to the museum because I was getting pretty hungry, so I took pictures of the garden outside.  I imagine that might be a popular spot for photos too.  

Then it was dark so I headed back, did some grocery shopping, came home and ate dinner.  Oh, gotta hang my clothes out to dry.  Now that I’ve figured out my washing machine for real, maybe I won’t go 3 whole weeks between laundry sessions.  …maybe.