Fan Fiction

I just finished reading “House of Crows” by SilverShine and I highly recommend reading it! I always avoided it because it doesn’t say that it’s finished (I don’t like reading unfinished works since it irks me not knowing how it ends) but its definitely completed. If you like KakaSaku and want to read a nice lengthy fanfic that is unpredictable and simply thrilling to read, this is for you! SilverShine has quite a few KakaSaku fanfics and this one would be my favorite, simply because the story itself is unique. The chemistry is good and the character structure is fairly balanced in my opinion. I don’t like reading fics where the characters are too OOC and the dialogue is nothing but an exchange of words. This fic would be competing with my other favorite “Double Edged” by nimblnymph which I would also highly recommend reading. Both authors are creative in their own ways and it pleases me to know that these people have had the time to sit down and write these lovely fics for the world to share. Its people like them that contribute to the fandom and make it that much more interesting. So when you have the chance, check these fanfic authors out and have a look at the other fics that are available. There are bound to be more fics out there that are shaping up to be other excellent stories!