who wakes the other one up with kisses

Axel is a lazy bum who sleeps at every available opportunity and Roxas thinks its cute and therefore has to pretend to be annoyed about it and wake him up with things like pillows and loud music and baking brownies until the smell of chocolate is unbearable and then hiding them and pretending not to have them when Axel emerges from slumber.

So yeah Axel is the kisser-waker-upper because Roxas doesn’t like waking up and is grumpy but is significantly less grumpy when there is kissing involved.

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Trick or treat!!!

“Okay,” Sora said emphatically, raising the camera in front of one eye as professionally as possible, “but this is only going to work if you put some feeling into it.”

“Why do I have to be the host?”

“Because I’m the director.”

“You have the camera.  Pretty sure that makes you the cameraman.”

“I’m both.”

“Why don’t you make Kairi be the host?”

“Because if we’re gonna compete with Ghost Adventures we need a host that’s ostensibly a Bro.  And you’re way hotter than Zak, so we’re already ahead in that department.”


“Yes.  Also Kairi woudn’t scream and run away if something scary happened, and at least half the fun of ghost hunter shows is when they freak out.”

“Alright."  Riku ran one hand back through his hair, still uncertain, unaware of how his mussed look only added to his appeal.  Sora was aware.  "I’ll give it a shot.”

“Awesome.  Okay, Kingdom Haunts, pilot episode, take one.  Action!”



people are home so I can’t do the rest until tomorrow plEASE LOOK FORWARD TO THE BOYS, MR. TAXI AND I GOT A BOY

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27 : Why do you listen to INFINITE

I listen to them because from the first few minutes of watching Sesame Player, I immediately fell in love with their personalities. Then I listened to all their music, and fell even more in love with their songs and their voices.

It’s the way they make me feel, no matter what they’re doing. Whether they’re throwing greasy hearts, performing on stage, or running through Hongdae like losers… they never fail to make me smile and get right into my heart and make it want to explode from all the love and awesomeness and FEELS.

God, I really wish this was written better (and that I didn’t use the words ‘awesomeness’ and 'feels’) but it’s really difficult to put into words why I listen to INFINITE.

It’s because I love the seven of them to death, because their vocals hit me so hard that it doesn’t even matter that I don’t understand the lyrics unless I google english translations, because they’re my entire life.

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That’s actually really awesome.

It’s really awesome when people recognize it.  I was once on a customer service call with a guy who knew it right away and we ended up having this long conversation about the LotR movies until he was like “oh yeah, anyway, about your phone service…” xD

It’s less awesome when people stumble over pronouncing it and don’t really care to learn how, but that only happens rarely.  Since the movies came out, pretty much everyone knows what I’m talking about now when I explain where it comes from, which is handy, and most people unfamiliar still think it’s a pretty cool name.

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?????? THAT’S REALLY YOUR NAME?????!?!??


My dad is a huge nerd and was involved in this whole marketing/release campaign at a radio station when The Silmarillion was published in 1977.  He lobbied hard with my mom to give me a Tolkien name.

(not that my mom isn’t a nerd too but she’s more of a Trekkie)

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Oh no no sorry I don’t have an actual keyblade D: not yet at least. >.> I do have three mini keyblades on a necklace XD. :O Can…can I be sora?

I want the oathkeeper and lion heart so bad D:

oh hahaha I used to have that but I’m allergic!!! I gave away keychains a long time ago I believe…

LOL SURE!??!? then Nim’s going to be pantsless

waiting for her to see this post


this is probably

the scariest video i’ve ever done


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btd sungyeol summer concert teaser sungyeol the chaser sungyeol

oh god fuck the chaser sungyeol marry summer concert teaser sungyeol kiss btd sungyeol

gotta wake up to summer concert yeol every morning hell yes

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cries sunggyu’s nose

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