so this morning I basically passed out in the lgbt student lounge because I hadn’t eaten much since 5:00 on sunday and i just felt really dizzy and my vision went out and this sophomore girl helped me stumble to a bench and offered me some grapes and berries and water

i felt so bad i kept apologizing and she just kept waving it off and talking to me about things and then she offered that I could come down and get lunch with her and her buddies

i wanted to take her up because she was so kind and friendly but i had to go to the president’s welcome so she just pointed me towards the cafeteria to buy food and said she’d see me around the center soon

thank you Kathleen though you are not ever going to see this

The power complex scene, i can’t “As an eternally bonded pair.”

Referring to John and Sherlock

Also them just talking about that scene, one of my favorites. And Martin in the scene, I have no words.

Woah, they get quiet for a good 20 seconds in the mrs.Hudson assault scene holy crap it’s the first time you hear dialogue the entire time and it’s so weird, they all just stop talking-

Omfg either Mark or Steven just mentioned the KOX license plate on the car that brings sherlock to the airplane, I am so glad that somebody else mentioned that because I always thought I was the only person who found it funny.

Oh my god Sherlock raiding mrs.hudson’s fridge

“Woman sensing nose” I’m fcking sjdiskfkddiyng

Also “yes they do” “like an alien!”

Martin/John’s interjections “HAMISH”