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As we understand many of you are confused by the LYN X VIXX’s LEO “BLOSSOM TEARS”MV (well mostly the ending) and here at K-POP TIMEOUT we have an explanation for you!

So the MV begins with Leo shown as being a tailor/fashion designer of some sort.

His girlfriend sits on the bed, looking around. It appears that his apartment is also his studio.

Leo is designing a dress for his girlfriend (as seen with examining her face and adding her features on the design sketch). Whether it is a wedding dress or not is unclear but it would appear to me as just the “first” dress he is making for his girlfriend because this is going to follow one hell of an emotional roller coaster that would seem strange for an engaged couple who I assume knows more about each other before getting engaged (than the girl does about Leo. You’ll see why)

The two proceeds to playfully fight over seeing/hiding Leo’s design like a good fashioned couple.

Suddenly Leo sees some quick flashbacks (so quick I can’t even screenshot but thanks to crazy-awesome15 we can now see them) of what appears to be the bloody scenes of Leo’s upcoming plans for the girl (see later).

He then proceeds to push his girlfriend away with great rage. (Note that his pupils dilated before pushing her away. This will be very important later on.)

This immediately got sirens ringing (at least in my head) as Leo proceeded to his work desk as if trying to act like nothing has happened while his girlfriend sat on the bed. GIRL I BE ASKING QUESTIONS IF THAT HAPPENED. EVEN IF IT’S LEO.

We fast forward to some time later when the dress is near completion (with the measuring tape still on signifying Leo still got some work to do). The girlfriend smiles at the design sheet so we assume Leo made amends for pushing her by following what she wanted it to look like.

Suddenly the girl crouches down to see bottles on the floor. Upon closer examination these are pills.  

Many people have suggested that these are Leo’s medicine for coping with his previous breakup (see later) but the fact she sniffed it suggested otherwise. I mean no normal person (ok the girl’s not normal since she seems totally ok with boyfriend randomly pushing her on floor and acting like nothing happened but that aside) would sniff medicine unless it smelled strange. Like it didn’t smell like pain killers or meds in general because meds don’t tend to smell.

The girl somehow seems to ignore it (god knows why she must love Leo a lot) and proceeds to roam in the studio staring at dresses. Leo made a lot of dresses (similar to the dress-he-is-making-for-girlfriend vibe) and we see a lot of design sketches of other girls. REMEMBER THIS. It’s important too.

All these dresses are in a row leading to a neatly ribboned box, as if pointing to it like it’s a cause of something. The girl tries to open it only for Leo to pop out of nowhere and close it, looking frightened that she would discover something or ask questions (it’s k Leo this girl never seems to question you)

We then fast forward to the two lying on the bed, with Leo trying to stroke the girl’s hair. Leo suddenly remembers seeing her girlfriend liking the dress design and it triggers him to restrain himself from getting close to her. THIS IS IMPORTANT TOO. I know you must be getting impatient with all these important points but trust me this all leads up to something big.

The girlfriend then grabs Leo’s hand and leads him to stroke her hair only for Leo to get off the bed and go back to his work desk. He looks at the dress and the measuring tape, deep in thought before rushing to his desk, desperately trying to find something. We see photos of his current girlfriend all over the desk (we wonder why..) He then pulls out the design of a dress. A dress with NO FRILLS. Not the dress he is making. Another dress.

His girlfriend comes over and hugs and comforts her mood swing Leo which brings us flashbacks.

He had an ex and they had all these couple toy moments etc. He was making her a dress and won’t let her see it yet because it wasn’t finished. We then see the dress. The dress design he just pulled out was a dress he made for his ex

Leo then wraps up the dress and takes a deep breathe, as if preparing for something (a proposal?)

Leo is then seen entering the studio which looked ransacked (cos in Kpop MV World boyfriends and girlfriends break up by becoming a thief and ransacking the place).

He sees that she left a note and with the dropping of roses, the symbol of all lost loves, we know it was over between them.

Leo then wakes up from his sleep/flashback moment to see the room dark and his girlfriend gone. He remembers the day his ex left and begins to fear for the worst.

He begins breaking whatever he sees in a massive fit. Girl even if Leo is perfect THIS IS THE TIME TO LEAVE this MADHOUSE.

Only…she returns. She walks towards Leo and hugs him.

Leo then proceeds to have a flashback to completing the dress for his current girlfriend. He then takes out the strange smelling red pills, contemplating if he should follow through with his “plans".

He shakes his head, as if thinking, not this time.

Leo’s eyes dilate once again. He then stares at the made dress. No, he cannot risk it. She must stay.

Blood spills out with the white pills floating in the mess on the bathroom tiles.

Leo is then seen closing his eyes while leaning against the bathroom door. The deed is done.

He then enters the bathroom with the calm dilated eyes that by now should pretty much scream pyscho Leo. If that’s not enough the Jung Taekwoon pep talks to the mirror should have given you the mad cue (credits to b-bumb).

We then see Leo hugging the mannequin affectionately, with the jar of red pills in hand. He didn’t even hug his girlfriend like that but now we’ll know why.

Leo goes into the bathroom with empty pill bottles everywhere and we then jump to the heart of the girl being in the jar where the red pills once were in light red liquid. The red pills were preservatives. That’s why they smelled. They were mixed with water, creating the light reddish liquid that is wayyyy too light to be the girl’s blood. The white pills on the other hand seen floating in her blood is something slightly different (but perhaps smelled equally strange).

As Leo holds the girlfriend’s lifeless hand we see some sort of liquid in the tub. The lightning of the bathroom makes it look hella cold so I would assume there is some ice/cooling thing doing its work in the tub (to do what you may ask) but there is something else added to the mix.

Before we answer that Leo is suddenly being super touchy with dead girlfriend. Doing stuff he would have never done when she was ON A BED WITH HIM. ALIVE. Once again, WHY?

With the MV nearing a close the answers are here. As Leo opened the secret cabinet behind the design sketches surrounded by the dresses his girlfriend had looked at (also a play with words because that’s sort what’s behind all of Leo’s actions and all his actions are sort of dress design related, no?), to reveal…organs. Preserved in jars.

With photos. 1 or 2 had photos of his current girlfriend so we can safely assume its some of her body parts while some don’t so let’s start wondering  how many other victims Leo had. Maybe the number of dresses will give us a clue

If you don’t believe me let’s check out the memory of Leo with ex AGAIN.

See. No dresses on that wall back then. Not a single one. All these dresses were only made after the breakup

Leo then places the heart of his girlfriend in the center, like it’s the center of attention now. All the other dresses are also now pushed to the side (probably to open the cabinet but it’s a really good stage set up designer Leo-nim)

…anddddddddd guess what, the new dress, with current girlfriend, is placed right in the centre with the other dresses still pushed aside.

As we come closer we can see the dead girlfriend has been embalmed. Yep, that’s what the white pills did. Leo kept her body cold and melted these babies to keep her just the same. Just the same as the moment she came back. The moment she cared.

Only now is Leo so intimate and close with her because he knows she is truly his now. He never got close to her back then because of the uncertainty and insecurity. Her smiles of appreciation for his dress may be lies. Lies like the ex who left him. He now will have her, forever.

Just to hit psycho Leo’s situation home, the song ends with Leo singing the last few lines of the lyrics, ending with “Let’s not separate”.




Talking about psychopaths, have you noticed Leo’s hair

This is adorable, insecure, heartbroken Jung Taekwoon.

Ruined by the breakup with ex.

Who dares not to get close to new gfs.

And this is Leo.

With his styled hair and steamy stare, only out when it’s time to do the deeds.

Every time Taekwoon fears abandonment, Leo steps in. Leo is the protector personality of Taekwoon.

I am not surprised if Leo has a split personality disorder here with his pupil dilation and the fact he keeps seeming to wake up from flashbacks and find himself in situations he did not seem to know he was in (LIKE WOW WHEN DID WE GET ON A BED/WAIT I SLEPT ON THE DESK). Maybe Leo is all Jekyll & Hyde here (lolz) or maybe because I have been reading too much The Minds of Billy Milligan (awkward book recommendation in K-pop Meanings) but this seems very plausible.


Was this helpful in understanding the MV?

If you notice anything else, do not hesitate to add it in the comments section below as I may have missed stuff out.

uncontrolablefangurl  asked:

Is it okay to use your design? Not your art but the outfit they wearing. (Sorry for bad english, not my first language)

Of course.  But when you upload the painting, write down it’s P-NIMs design. >:3


Meet B. Parva Nimbus (Nim), who is the youngest member of the Green Knights of Awe. With his adorably small frame, Nim proudly sports a large machete which resembles a bastard sword. Nim has a tendency to drift in his thoughts and is easily distracted. He is especially fond of chasing mice, flies, butterflies, fireflies, and basically any creature that moves. Due to lacking a strong sense of awareness of what’s occurring around him, Nim is at times seen to be unreliable.

Nim is quite sweet and incredibly shy, which prevents him from speaking aloud much. As a result, Nim usually reverts to using gestures and nodding to communicate with other cats. Though Nim is a bit of an introvert, his sincere personality shines brightly through, making him a likable Green Knight.