nillor asked:

What smash bros newcomer are you most excited to play, and what other newcomers would you like to see in the game?


I was hyped as shit when I saw Villager, so him.

But then they announce MEGAMAN SO OBVIOUSLY HIM.

But then they flip the world 180 and announce Wii Fit Trainer. I am literally most excited for her. I love graceful and like quick, strong moved characters, she will definitely be a BLAST to play.

For other newcomers, I am very bad at speculation, and I will be extremely wrong everything forthcoming, BUT:

Seeing as they now have Bayonetta as an exclusive for the Wii, and seeing she has already been in one brawler this year, Anarchy Reigns or Max Anarchy or WHAT THE FUCK EVER, it could be possible for her to join another, and especially this!

I’ve heard some speak of Pacman, you know, the modernized one with an actual face and arms and legs, which I personally do not find interesting, but it is Pacman, it could become interesting.

I also heard that there’s a Fire Emblem: Awakening themed stage, so I am very much hoping for Chrom, the protagonist of Fire Emblem: Awakening to represent Fire Emblem this time around. Marth has definitely had his amazing run, but now it’s time for Chrom to take over.

As for anymore, I really have no clue. Zombi U survivor? Maybe Edward Kenway if they could make a cool deal with Ubisoft just for the heck of it? Or if not someone from Assassin’s Creed, maybe Rayman? He is SO fit for a brawler.

How long have I been talking?