there was no bigger drama in the jonas brothers fandom than when niley broke up and nelena got together right after…and also jaylor

jemi was my favorite couple honestly i loved them more than niley they were my fav i was rooting for them… i hated nemi shippers ugly ass noodleheads joe was the one for her

catchingjadamjonasfeelings asked:

Every time I come to your page I fall in love with and Niley all over again and I never had anything bad to say about them but I'd kinda moved on and now I'm back so thank you very much LOL

I dont post that often but I still get messages like this once in a while and they just make my life!! especially when they are coming from one of my favorite blogs! so thank you!
btw ill love both of them forever but I think even I have moved on 

havingconversations replied to your post “jemi was my favorite couple honestly i loved them more than niley they…”

I meant to say nelena

i hated nelena because i loved niley and it felt so forced omg when she was in the burning up video… niley were made for each other also remember breakout and she wrote a bunch of songs about him omg this one was my fav i still listen to it it’s one of my fav miley songs fdsuhndsijnds

harrystyikes asked:

hey ... u beautiful lil seahorse

DUYGU……..honestly you are one hell of a character….you are so nice and funny and so very sweet!!! we have SOO much in common too and its just !!!! so nice bc we both love tvd….niley….and i promise to get into arrow soon i still have it on my list of things to watch!!!! also i really love talking to u and i’d love to be close friends sooooo u should smu w/ ur skype or smth 👀 i love u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

Are you a niley or nolivia fan?

When I was younger, I was a HUGE Niley fan haha. I still have a little bit of hope for them. And I’m growing to like Nolivia.

anonymous asked:

30 ,27 ,18 , 1 y 12

1. Una canción que te guste con un color en el título.
“Red” de Taylor Swift

12. Una canción de tus años de pre-adolescente.
“7 Things” de Miley Cyrus oooooooh como odiaba esa canción… odiaba Niley hahahaha.

18. Una canción del año en el que naciste.
“Wonderwall” de Oasis. 1996. Buena canción, buen año :)

27. Una canción que rompa tu corazón.
“When I Was Your Man” de Bruno Mars.

30. Una canción que te recuerde a ti mismo.
“A Little Bit Longer” de los Jonas Brothers. Creo que fue la primera canción que escuché y de verdad entendí… y cada vez que la escucho es como… YESSSSSSSSS.