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#History lesson time!! From #Kemet to #Egypt 330BC - Alexander the “Great” (Greek) & his Greco invader friends push #Kemetics into Lower #Nubia. This is the 1st mass exodus or migration of the indigenous away from the #NileValley in #Africa. #Europeans refer to this as the “Bantu Migration”. This also coincides with the 1st European to control Kemet. His name was #Ptolemy.
30BC - After about 300 yrs of Greco rulership, the #Romans then take over the #Greek empire which also meant they took over what is now known as “Egypt”. During this time it has been documented that the Romans would commit #genocide on the remaining indigenous #Kemetics & #Kushites. This leads to another exodus deeper into Lower Nubia and many went away from the Nile Valley completely.

200AD - The Romans begin destroying #Kemetic artifacts leading the rest of the indigenous people who did not convert to flee from Egypt.
350AD - Aksummites (Indigenous Kemetic/Kushites who chose to convert to the Roman theology) betray what is left of the Kingdom of #Kush & start destroying Kushite cities. This then leads the rest of the indigenous towards the west and south of #Afrika to establish kingdoms such as “Mali” and “Ife”. 639-642AD - #Arabic Invasion of Egypt, the beginning of #Islam and Arabic stronghold of the “Middle East” and North/Eastern Afrika. Also why you hear a lot of Europeans and Arabs use the term “Sub Saharan African” as if they were indigenous to the land.

Before these multiple migrations, The Nile Valley had up to 85% of the #African population living there for THOUSANDS of years. #rs #knowledge #AfricanHistory #royaltyb4poverty #rp @mansa.major

My favorite historian and anthropologist Runoko Rashidi will be conducting a guided tour focusing on West Asia and the #NileValley at the Oriental Museum @orientalinst of the University of Chicago this Saturday 2/21 10am. Runoko will conduct the tour and provide an overview of the role of African people in the ancient world. Giving a different gaze of artifacts usually shown from a European perspective. $15 cost Email or call 323-920-6055 to RSVP.

What I find most disturbing is that #nubians are the reason for the #nilevalley the original inhabitants the original civilized world . It was threw the #nubian that all science and math became a way of life not just a lesson, it was the Nubian who connected the sky to the earth and the stars to nature , you can’t dig up anything in Egypt without the recognition of the #nubian . So why then does the Arab not only deny the Nubian his right to the lands of Cush but his right in the birth of #islam ? Had #nubian had not created culture a religion then there would be no Jew no Christian and no Islam - it seems they forget the black hands that built civilizations , the same can be said for the victims of slavery here in America !

Port Sudan, Sudan

Photo: Sudan Red Sea Resort

There are lots of ways to divide Africa. Some people distinguish the countries by their bordering body of water: the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. Others think about the countries’ landscapes: deserts, savannas, mountains, and islands. But you’ve always separated them by your willingness to travel there. Morocco, Tanzania, and South…

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The Ankh is defined as: The symbolic representation of both Physical and Eternal life. It is known as the original cross, which is a powerful symbol that was first created by Africans in Ancient Kemet and found over all regions of the Mother Land. It’s a symbol for the power to give and sustain life and is typically associated with material things such as water, air and the sun.

The Loop of the Anhk also represent the feminine discipline or the (Womb), while the elongated section represent the masculine discipline or the (Penis). These two sacred units then come together and form life. Because of its powerful appeal, the Ankh was used in various religious and cultural rituals involving royalty.

The Gods and the Kings are often shown carrying the Ankh to distinguish them from mere mortals. The Ankh symbolized eternal life and bestowed immortality on anyone who possessed it. It is believed that life energy emanating from the Ankh can be absorbed by anyone within a certain proximity. An Ankh serves as an antenna or conduit for the divine power of life that permeates the universe. The amulet is a powerful talisman that provides the wearer with protection from the evil forces of decay and degeneration.

Christianity for those who don’t know alongside other religions are transformed versions of teachings which still stand in stone today in Kemet (Egypt) which you can go and view with your own eyes. The “ Holy Cross ” is a insult towards the original teachings, it symbolises death, pain & suffering is that really something which you wish to bury into you subconscious…
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