nilesy is the best

I noticed that had not drawn Nilesy so far! I had to change that instantly! He is by far my favorite member of the Yogscast. Not only is he very funny and very sweet, but his videos also manage to calm me down whenever I have an anxiety attack.

So, Nilesy, if you are reading this, thank you. Thank you so much. And stay awesome. <3

PS: The ‘Wither Cat Sanctuary’ is the best thing ever!

starlass  asked:

My big sister knows nothing about there yogscast but loves your girls go gaming videos. Whenever there is a new one we watch it together. Now during random times she will lean over to me and whisper 'disaster' in her best Nilesy voice

DISASTER! That’s awesome! The Girls Go Games videos are very polarising, but I think they’re funny so screw itttttttt! Glad you enjoy them! Will probs do more in the future :)

I have this little notebook with Nilesy facts that I find interesting or just ideas that I have while I watch his videos<3  I was looking through it and found that at one point Nilesy said that he hates snow, I also have that he likes those butterfly collections and wants one but doesn’t like the fact that they use to be alive and now they’re not.

Well after a week full of countless seizures, tons of anxiety, depression, illness, and isolation I finally have something to make it all disappear! My card from Nilesy came today and I swear this is like the best thing to ever happen to me. It’s so amazing that it made everything I dealt with this week totally worth it. Thank you so much Nilesy, panda, and zylus! You guys are such an inspiration