~ Throwback to the day I turned 27, 3rd October 2015, and 30 weeks pregnant ~

~ ♡ and soon my little elven prince is three months old ♡ ~

~ I love being a mom, his mom. ♡ It’s so wonderful to wake up every morning to his smiling, happy face! That makes me happy, even if I’m super tired. He’s soul medicin for sure! ♡ And when he’s talking…oh my mommy heart! ♡ ~


© Nilenna Alv    - It was my cousins Confirmation today. My husband wore his ‘bunad’ today. I was going to wear my 'bunad’ as well, but it felt like it was too small some places.. I need to get that fixed. So I had to wear something else. So I wore this outfit. It was a lovely day, sunny and warm, so it was perfect! :) I also put on my 'sølja'  (norwegian bunad silver) even though I didn’t wear my bunad. ^__^