nile special


New River Academy coach Stephen Wright in Uganda.


Day 3 - Jinja, Uganda: Rafting the Nile

Another leisure day. Ryan, Will, and I headed to Jinja for some rafting. It’s the slow part of the year for rafting, so there was only one other group rafting that day - and they were terrible. First off, they were an hour late. Second, probably the worst people ever to have with you while rafting class 4-5 rapids. They preferred to sit and take selfies on the raft instead of paddling. Anytime our guide would tell us to paddle they would end up paddling oh, I don’t know, maybe three strokes max and then stop. Going through the rapids? Forget about it. They were just dead weight and I hated them.

Luckily they did a half day and we ditched them after lunch. Either way, rafting the Nile was epic and crazy amounts of fun. We flipped the raft most of the time, but TOTALLY OWNED one of the rapids. Our guides were awesome and great people to hang out with.

I brought a Sony Action cam on the trip, but decided to not to use it during the trip. The guides were pretty certain my helmet mount would fail. I believe they were correct. So here are two photos I snapped before and after.