nile lechwe


Nile Lechwe (Kobus megaceros) - 

A rare species of antelope, this lechwe exhibits extreme sexual dimorphism.  The male has a dark coat with white patterns as well as an impressive set of twisted horns.  Females are much smaller, tawny and do not have horns.  Young males will be born similar color to their mothers, and will gradually become a fully matured dark colored male. 

Nile lechwe live near water and have a habit of retreating to water when attacked or threatened.  They have large, splayed hooves which allow them to maneuver through loose ground.  They can leap through the shallows and are good swimmers. 

They are crepuscular, and feed on marsh vegetation and wild rice.  As their name implies, they live in Sudan and on both sides of the White Nile.  Their numbers have plummeted due to habitat invasion, increased demand for their meat, game hunting, and poaching.  A few organizations are working to bring them up from being endangered.