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Catch These Cheeky Clutches

5 clutches you’ll have fun holding

Getting tired of using basic, solid clutches that are all starting to look the same? Don’t limit your collection to Plain Jane bags. Check out these 5 clutches that you’ll have fun carrying your essentials in- just be prepared for all the attention you’ll get!

Through the Post Clutch

Have you made up for lost time? Who knew clutches could be so inspiring! This post card clutch is extremely charming and won’t go by unnoticed! The inspiring quote is just the added bonus this accessory needs.

New York Book Clutch

Is it a book? It Is a purse? Can you get any more mysterious? This piece from Olympia Le-Tan sparks that curious human nature and will make onlookers wonder what it is that you’re carrying. PLUS it says New York- and anything to do with this fab city is a definitely a must have.

Jean Mine glittered acrylic box clutch

Claim it! Because who doesn’t like a little bit of sparkle? This beautiful glittery piece is just what you need to add edgy glamour to a flawless but simple outfit. Perfect for a night out with its ideal amount of shimmer.

Nasty Gal x Nila Anthony Mixed Feelings Clutch

When you can’t make up your mind, this collaboration clutch between Nasty Gal and Nila Anthony is the perfect bag to hold. With its sleek form and contrasting black and white sides (and messages), it’s the perfect final touch for a statement-making street style ensemble.

3.1 PHILLIP LIM Clutches

Phillip Lim has a penchant for making fun fashion pieces, and this black leather clutch is no exception. Chic with a bold, eye-catching design, this clutch is the ideal accessory to pose with for those O-M-G photo moments!

Leave home with one of these fab accessories and guaranteed you won’t go by unseen! Tell us which cheeky clutch you like the most!