Made this on Valentines day.
To hell with Valentine, have some ‘goeie tijd’n’ (good times) instead!

Goeie Tijd’n - approximately 20 x 24cm.
Three seperated colour layers printed on Schut paper blanc à grain 180g/m + coloured pencil afterwards on the print itself. Edition of 2.

P.s. these two prints are for sale here:

Goed, met jou?
Illustration by Nik van Es

When Dutch people greet eachother, most of the time they’ll ask you “Alles goed?”, which translates to “Everything OK?”. Instead of asking how you are doing they just assume (and want to hear) that you are doing fine!
I notice that a lot of people, myself included, automatically seem to respond with “Yeah, fine” even when they’re not. 

Anyways: I’m trying to add a little bit more story / depth to my illustrations. Thanks for looking!