Chinese artist Ma Yansong of Beijing-based MAD architects created a series of stylish carpets for shaped like mouthwatering steaks. You know, for dogs!

Yansong considers meat the “ultimate rewards for the loyal labrador” and so he named his red an white woolen rugs “Niku” after the Japanese word for meat. originally created for Japanese designer Kenya Hara’s ongoing project Architecture for Dogs, the “Niku Rug” comes in three different sizes. The smallest steak is the perfect size for a puppy and owners can upgrade to larger rugs as their dogs grow up.

[via designboom]

When I think about “snacks,” what first come in my mind is the snacks sealed in a plastic package and you can easily find them in a supermarket. What I didn’t know was that many Japanese snacks were used to be freshly made as street food.

Inspired by Japanese snacks and street food, I wanted to introduce these wonderful Japanese street food culture to the Western world, and to do so, I once again chose graphic design to tell the story of Japanese snacks.

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