niktia mears

It’s me. I know you’re not alone right now, but I need to talk. I’m supposed to let it go, but I can’t. They don’t get to win. Not like this. When we came here I thought it was finally over; no more running and hiding and lying. I really believed that the truth was gonna free us, but now I’m trapped in an even bigger lie. The world doesn’t know that Amanda is alive, but I do. Because Ryan believed in the truth. He died for the truth, and I can’t let that be for nothing. Going after her means breaking some of the promises I made, but I don’t see any other way. I can’t trust the system. Not with this. Its failed me- all of us, too many times.

Jones and his cronies, they need to pay. I want them to die with the whole world watching so everyone knows who they really are and what they’ve done. Taking them on, I can’t do it alone. I know it’s asking a lot, but I need you. I need your help, one last time.
We started this fight together, just you and me. A lot has happened since then, but I know this is how it’s supposed to end. It’s time to finish what we started.

—  Nikita, Nikita’s phone call to Alex