If someone could draw this headcanon for me... I'd go ape-shit (pun fully intended). Like you don't even know... the kinda pleasure I could cause you.

“As an April Fools joke, Sun and Pyrrha left Luna with Weiss as her babysitter one day. Velvet pretended to be sick that day and they all couldn’t pass up the chance to play around a bit. It was only for a few hours and they secretly watched the whole ordeal from cameras that Sun had snuck into the house. It was hilarious watching the heiress reluctantly try to wrangle the child and maintain her home with the crazed little monkey girl running rampant. Sun told her to let loose and really have fun at Aunt Weiss’s place. As funny as it was, in the end the two princesses were singing songs and dancing together. Pyrrha and Sun walked in to find Weiss cradling the toddler and singing her a lullaby.”

Crystal of Dreams (Nikong)

Sun was staring at the cave ceiling above, his sight a mess of brilliant color and hazy colors he was vaguely sure did not exist anywhere, let alone on some random cave ceiling. Beside him, a soft red flare of color was threaded over a beautiful body, shimmering like lava over pale skin. Pyrrha was still asleep, pressed against him after an overwhelmingly powerful joining. Looking down, he could see his tail around his waist, fitting just so between them like it belonged there, the tip of the furry appendage rubbing her stomach, where he could sense the warmth of Aura swelling - she was pregnant. A grin crossed his lips at the thought, before he fondly allowed his tail to sweep her stomach again, this time with enough of a love tap to wake her, but not hard enough to bother the fragile swell of life.

“Mm?” Pyrrha woke slowly; Sun had to swallow hard to avoid kissing her senseless when her eyes flickered open, misty green eyes still hazed with sleep. “Yes Sun?” She asked him tiredly, rubbing her eyes with a hand as she sat up. Sun smirked lightly at her, his tail possessively wrapping around her waist.

“We did it.” He said, grinning lazily at her. She wasn’t sure what he meant for a moment, before she actually thought to look down, her stomach glowing a soft orange. A smile appeared then, so bright and happy it made him fall in love with her all over again.

“Well…” Pyrrha’s eyes danced at him as she leaned in. “Why not celebrate?” Sun’s grin grew devious, and he pressed his lips against hers-


Sun woke with a jolt, observing Pyrrha from where she was talking to one of the villagers with a patiently amused air. He slid off his perch above them, dropping from the trees to land next to her, grinning sheepishly.

“Sorry, fell asleep,” He said to her, rubbing the back of his head. Pyrrha gave him an unamused look, while the villager snorted behind a hand.

“You’re an idiot,” She said fondly, kissing him and allowing him to know he was forgiven. Her smile made him grin back a little stupidly: He was lucky to have her. “I guess you’ll just have to stay behind.” Sun gave her a baffled look.

“Stay behind on what?” He asked, now curious. Pyrrha shrugged elegantly, already walking away.

“Oh, just a cave around here. Supposed to make dreams come true.” His heart raced, his tail growing still for just a moment before he sprung into action, racing after Pyrrha, who had already reached their guide.

He had just the dream in mind for this particular venture.

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Sunrise Over The Sea
  • Sunrise Over The Sea
  • Homecoming: Menagerie OST

“With all the hearts and souls of Menagerie brought to bear at your door, what right have you to stand against such hope?”

Sunrise Over The Sea - Homecoming: Menagerie OST

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{Pyrrha-Nikos-JNPR} "I have made an executive decision: I'm not going to teach Luna and Nova Mistrali."

     Sun’s eyes dart up from the map on his Scroll. A quirked eyebrow and a look of curiosity flashing over. “Heh, Ok. I mean… Hell, I still don’t know it. So why should they?” He teased as he sat his tablet down on the table and walked over to her, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “Really though… why do you say that? Is it because of your parents?” He softly mused as he gave a light squeeze.