Charlie - 6 months of pure charm

Charlie turned 6 months on March 14th…and as fast as that 6 months went…another 2 has already snuck in there before I got this post up!  

Much like I did with Molly at 6 months (…I wanted to dedicate a post all to my Charming Charlie.

When Charlie was born, Mike and I were almost in shock…he seemed so easy.  Molly cried a lot…Charlie…just ate, snuggled, pooped and slept.  What I found myself thinking and feeling, was a little bit less close with Charlie…because Molly was such a fussy baby…I CONSTANTLY felt like she needed me.  Charlie on the other hand…didn’t make that as clear…or obvious…he was just easier.

But then…fast forward to now…and I have a stage-one-clinger…and not gonna lie…I love it.  Mike is so sweet…the other night he was playing on the floor with Charlie, tickling him and Charlie was belly-laughing and then I happened to pass through the room…when Mike goes…“he just stops and zones in on you…Charlie looks at you with such soft eyes.”  I look up and see Charlie just completely enthralled with me…the way he looks at me about rips my heart out…in a good way.

***lets wipe away the tears shall we Abby***

Charlie WILL still look at me like this when he is 16 right?

For a long time, I could tell that he was going to be a charmer.  Even Meghan at daycare was worried about having to discipline him someday…he does this eyebrow raise thing, or smirks behind his paci or bottle…and it about makes you weak in the knees with cuteness…  

At about the 6 month mark…we were rounding out a tough 3 months of viruses, teething, constipation and ear-infections between both kids…and despite a rough patch…(meaning Mama got very little sleep), he still managed to be this sweet, happy, little charmer.  If his personality now is giving up evidence of what he will become…I am pretty smitten.  I have no doubt that this little person will continue to be charming as ever…and with some smooth moves to boot…if he keeps that eyebrow raising business up for good…he just might charm his way into everyone’s hearts.

Charlie and his slight obsession with Mama has also made me realize that each child is so completely their own.  You can’t help but think that they will be super similar, or something that worked with one, will work with the other.  Not necessarily the case, and my typically Type A personality has needed that clarity.  What might appear to be “clingyness” on Charlie’s part at times, might just be that he needs a little more reassurance.  Charlie thrives at home…and ironically…it’s where I feel most safe and like to be as well.  He is not high maintenance…he likes to feel safe…and he finds that at home…or in someone familiar’s arms…at least until he warms up to a new experience.  And like I alluded to before…you will never find me complaining about him wanting to be held…these days will be long gone before we know it.  I will hold you sweet boy…as long as you need me to.

As I relate the last 6 (I mean 8) months of Charlie’s life with Molly at this age…I think the only difference is how much faster time is flying.  EVERYONE warns you when you are pregnant with your 1st, that they grow up fast…well…it’s truth!  And the second…even faster.  I can sense that I am already becoming a bit emotional as Charlie approaches that 1st birthday…I still want those 3 months back when they were both so on and off sick and we were all just in survival mode…I want those back damn it!  But…all I can do is be present…the most important thing to me in life is just that.  I never really believed in the phrases Daddy’s Girl or Mama’s Boy, but now…I get it.  Mike absolutely loves those times when Molly is extra needy with Daddy…and now…I might just have a Mama’s boy on my hands.  There is something very special about a Mama and her son…I definitely understand.  

Charlie…I am so proud of you…I am so happy to be your Mom.  From the moment I laid eyes on you, I have loved you more than you will ever understand.  It’s odd to think about our family before you came into it…you still remain our perfect surprise.



These photos were done in our Home for his 6-month shoot!  I used my Nikon D80, Nikon Shoe Flash, and 50mm lens (time for a new camera!)