Are you looking for a camera that can do more than a point and shoot? Do you want to have full manual control, have access to features such as GPS, high frame rate to shoot sports with, and additional lenses to add at a later date? Want to spend not much more than a point and shoot will cost you? 

Right now, the Nikon V1 is the camera for you to look at, with recent price drops, and a limited time offer on an instant rebate, you can get the V1 w/10mm prime lens, or the V1 w/ 10-30mm zoom lens for only $399.99. You can get the V1 w/both lenses for only $529.99! 

When you look at other cameras that are out there, that give you similar specs, but in a small compact camera design, some of them cost MORE than this V1 right now. And with the V1 you get a bigger sensor, that will do better in lower light than the equivalent high end compact camera. 

Sure some of them have a 7x zoom lens built in, but this, is expandable! This is the start of a system, you can upgrade to your hearts content over the next few years, and your overall size of kit will still remain quite small. 

Many of you that have listened to me go on about how the future of photography is within these Compact Systems Cameras, they are small, light, and so versatile! And with adapters that are available, you can find lenses to fit on here that have been sitting in the closet of your parents or grandparents place that haven’t seen the light of day in years. 

This is a system that you can grow with, for years to come. 

Some of the basics that you will want to know about this camera:

  • 10mp (1") CMOS sensor
  • 1080P (30P & 60i) HD Video
  • SUPER SLOW MO Video, up to 1200/Frames Per Second, but at seriously reduced resolution, but there are lower frame rates at bigger resolution modes available to be set to
  • ISO 100-3200
  • High Speed Burst shooting speed, up to 60/FPS at full resolution!!! That is insane, this is thanks to a cool hybrid Electronic/Mechanical Shutter. When shooting in Mechanical Shutter mode, you can get up to 5/FPS
  • Heavy Duty Magnesium Alloy body, for a good sturdy build
  • Built in Electronic Viewfinder with a 1.4m dot LCD
  • 921k 3" LCD on the back, which is the same screen that is on the D3s (Nikon’s flagship camera at the time of this camera’s introduction

Bang for buck right now, if someone is looking for like the Canon G15, or the Nikon P7700, for less money right now, you can get this V1, and have a much better camera right now. It is kind of a no-brainer to me. 

But hey, that is me, you can come in and look at this camera and see for yourself what this camera and its supporting system can do for you. 

Come in and check out the V1, I think you will see that it is worthy of a serious look. 


John R. 

Kerrisdale Cameras - Victoria 

3531 Ravine Way, Victoria BC. 

Saanich Plaza, next to Tim Hortons

***NOTE*** The V1 shown is with the optional 18.5mm F/1.8 lens