Starry night skies over California hills.

Went out for a late night drive with Vee to catch the meteor shower. I didn’t see any meteors, but I managed to catch this night shot. The illumination of the lower clouds by the lights of the city contrast nicely with the stars above.

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Ultra-wide San Francisco moonrise

This one was taken the same day as these other two shots of mine, about an hour after the latter.

I wanted to capture both the moonrise and the heavy lighting of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the contrasting shades of blue and red those elements bestowed upon the scene. The 14mm made it easy, but not without distortion - I had to line the shot up very carefully in order to get the architecture to look good.

Still, the lens is amazing, and I can’t complain. With a lens this sharp, you can afford to correct distortion later without ruining micro-details.

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A familiar scene of mine, captured in a different manner.

I’ve been meaning to get out and do more night photos like this. This night had a particularly clear sky and relatively low light - a good opportunity to capture the stars like this.

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St Mary Lake and a View of Mountains (Glacier National Park) by thor_mark  on Flickr.

Beyond the Trees

Fog engulfing the trees along Mt. Tamalpais

Taken the same day as this photo.

This particular composition is the one I had in mind at the time I took the other, but I expanded the scene into a panorama in addition to shooting this photo, just in case I decided to compose something else later. It just so happens that I decided to go with the panorama first. I still wanted to post this composition though, because the way I framed this exposure makes for significantly different feel.

I also processed this particular shot differently than the others. I didn’t go with a panorama here, either - this one is just a single 40mm shot, cropped slightly, edited in Photoshop.

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