A few oranges © Sharon Boswall

A monarch (danaus plexippus and a tiger longwing (heliconius hecale)… finally made it to see the Papillons en liberté exhibition at the Montréal Botanical Gardens - I think everyone else had the same idea.  Must have been the weather -it was so beautiful - we all wanted to be indoors - in a greenhouse - an exceedingly hot one at that.  It was body to body in there and every man and butterfly for himself.  A very unpleasant experience.  A surprisingly decent variety of butterflies but no room to move and a a sea of selfie sticks and iPhones in every second shot.  I stuck around for a bit but I did not have the patience.  These were from last year and since it was wall to wall people this year, I took a lot less photos.  Less for me to edit I guess… silver lining in every cloud hmmm and I am off to do just that.


Vertigo doesn’t exist, vertigo doesn’t exist, vertigo doesn’t exist….

Seggiovia Monte Solaro ad Anacapri - Anacapri

© 2016 Oscar Alcañiz - Please, do not erase this text if you reblog this picture


Just catching up on his correspondence. 

Would you like a post card or a letter from us, signed by Harley? Just send us a message! I have a ton of postcards just waiting for new homes, and adorable letter sets that need using. I love sending snail mail, and have some gorgeous envelope templates to try out. Will post anywhere!