nikon nikkor 18 105mm lens

Week 10: Odd Numbers

Okay, so clearly Mrs. P is a bone head! The “odd” factor didn’t even register with me…I was only now liking other pictures in the challenge and realized mine is even. *sigh*
I’m forever retaining only the directions that work for me.

In my hunt for numbers most of the ones I wanted to try and snap were on signs near busy roads which wasn’t really conducive to my safety. I got the idea for this one mid-week but we are still in deep winter and I haven’t wanted to go outside. I shot this out of my car this morning, with the window rolled down, and I think my fingers will eventually get the feeling back.

Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-105mm lens
1/400, F11, ISO 250
Edits in PS Express

Sorry for not listening!!!

You’re so silly @mrspage!  Trust me we’ll all do it at one point or another.  :)  I think this is a pretty neat shot!  And we certainly don’t want you getting hurt while taking pictures.  That would be a fun one to explain to the cops.  The hard thing about taking pictures of things that are high up, is just that.  You sometimes don’t get the angle you desire because we’re not 10 feet tall.  But, overall, I think you did good with this!  The one thing that I would’ve done is just straighten the photo.  I’m totally OCD about that.  It’s a curse.  I would normally say that maybe the picture could be brightened up a bit, but your subject stands out against the green so no need to really.  Awesome job, chicky! - MT