nikon lens series e


Aerial photography in Tokyo: Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Bay & Rainbow Bridge by Alfie Goodrich
Via Flickr:
This was shot towards the end of December last year, when a mate of mine was good enough to offer me the spare seat in the R44 chopper he’d rented for an aerial photo session. Perfect weather, a great sunset with Mount Fuji visible behind the city….. all in all a very satisfying 30mins of shooting. Always fun to get up in a helicopter. Not just for the photos but for the unique insight it gives one of the topography, layout and sprawl of this massive city. This frame was shot about halfway through the trip and after I had stopped shooting with the Hasselblad H4D-40. My Hassie has a CCD sensor, which is awesome for colour but it isn’t great at high ISO. Nikon D800E Nikkor 36-72mm E series, manual-focus lens