nikon 55 300mm


Grand and Miraculous by Trevor Aydelotte


CAN.NOT.EVEN.BEGIN!!  To tell you how chuffed I am at the photos I was able to capture during todays Total Solar Eclipse.  I TOTALLY need to research how best to post-process these babies to bring out the “snake shadows” and enhance the color flares at the very edge of the moon. 

So these are draft photos - the top one is straight out of the RAW file, I’ve done slight adjusting with levels and brightness to the second to tone down the glare - I’ve watermarked them quite egregiously to try and keep them from being reposted and/or ending up in someone else’s library.  

The first one was taken just after “totality” and the second one was me trying to capture the “Diamond Ring” but just missed it and ended up with this bauble.  I took a photo every 5 mins throughout the entire almost 3 hours of the eclipse so there are other photos and a “collage” to show the progression of the eclipse, still to come.  

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Their Castle by Trevor Aydelotte


Hooray for Hollywood! by Trevor Aydelotte


Porsche 911 Carrera RS by Steven Tyler PJs