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Hi!! I´m an amateur photographer from Uruguay a small country of south america. I am a fan of urban photography, people photography and, focusing primarily on animals and landscapes. 

 My camera is a Nikon D5100 and lenses that I use regularly are: Nikon 18-55 , Sigma 120-400 mm , Rokinon Fish eye, Nikon 50mm, Sigma 17-50

I firmly believe that photography is a sublime art form with which we can reach the soul of those who see it. Through it we can leave a mark that will never be erased

I also publish my work in:


Im giving away my NIKON D3000 with an 18-55 vr kit lens, and nikon 50mm 1.8f D lens. A must have remote control, and i also have a few nd filters, polarizing filter, and a tripod.

  • its barely been used
  • i dont trust selling it on ebay or any other site except here
  • i will ship internationally 
  • yes its for free

i will pick a winner with a random name generator once this reaches around 500+ notes. When that happens i will then give more details.


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Thank you, and good luck! :)

I adore nature, I like to expiriment a lot and I sort'o love skies. I’m kind of vintage guy by myself, so you might find a lot of retro-theme photos. 

I currently use a Nikon D3100 with 18-55 lens and a couple of 58mm Helios fixed lenses. I have also used analog Zenit with the same Helios lenses. 

Check my blog or flickr, hope you will enjoy it!

Hi, I’m from Argentina, the city of Bariloche, surrounded by lakes and mountains. I “shoot” by instinct….., love photography and hiking, both hobbies that a practice frequently.

I have a Nikon D3100 wtith the 18-55 and a 55-200……no need more I think, it is not the camera or the equipment….., is the photographer, the look.

Mostly…..shoot nature and landscapes…the places that a I hike.

I’m a young photographer from Macedonia and I cant praice myself with an expensive photography gear, but I think my amateur work so far is good enogh. I’m open to any kind of photography theme, although mostly I like nature: landscapes, macro and animal portraits. Recently I got a Nikon D3100 with 18-55 kit and before mostly I used Nikon L110 and analog cameras such as Zenit 11,12xp and Lomo. 

This is my photography blog, enjoy and I hope you like it! :))