We Love Sawdust!!

Every time we play the Sawdust Art Festival we walk away with new friends and some memorable moments with the artists and fans that we have met there!

Tonight we played opposite another great band, Jeff Crosby and his band killed it! We also got to feel right at home, welcomed like we have been a part of this festival for years. #Shamus is now the president of our fan club, Laguna Beach Chapter. #KenMattsonArt and #BullheadChocolateOnline are just beacons of light and love with their amazing pieces and beautiful spirits! #DurdenArt let us cut his hair, Mohawk! Yes, we brought clippers upon request so that we could Mohawk someone!!! Then #Nikolei got in on the action. MOHAWKS ALL AROUND! And there is Instagram video of the whole affair, check it out :)

Well, onto the next adventure, Pheonix on Monday :) I’ll be sure to bring my clippers on the road for another Mohawk patrons!

Nikolei is a Whale.

I used Adobe Photoshop CS5 to make this, and I also used an underwater texture from google, but other than that, just Photoshop.
This is probably one of three other things I have done without using photo manipulation, this being the second.
It took about two hours to make, but seeing Nik’s expression was well worth it. It’s bumpy, but this was my first time actually “drawing,” on Photoshop.