nikolas roerich

This is Sky fight (1909) by Nikolas Roerich (Nikolai Rerich) (1874-1947) who was a painter, writer, traveller, archaeologist and philosopher. Roerich is best known for depicting Russia’s ancient past. During the WW I he was among activist who tried to preserve architecture and different forms of art from damage. For that he earned several nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1917 he was basically forced to flee Russia after disagreeing with new government’s politics. After spending some time in London and New-York, Roerich and his family move to Asia, travel a lot and finally settle in India.

The picture you see depicts sky. Less than one fifth of the picture is occupied by land’s image. Sky takes up all the place here. We see skies of grey and golden, we see deep and pale blue, sometimes it’s thick and other times it is almost transparent. It looks like the storm is coming or has just gone away. It’s a fight. A fight between the Good and the Evil, a fight between forces we can not see but can feel.