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NIKOLAS: Are you enjoying yourself, Liz? – Seriously, I’m surprised you didn’t waltz in here with a mariachi band. – Come on. Don’t deny it. You’ve been gunning for Britt ever since you found out we were together.
ELIZABETH: I couldn’t stand your fiancée well before that.

Nikolas & Elizabeth vs. AJ & Elizabeth and choosing to be selfish in love

I don’t normally post my feelings about what’s happening on my favorite soap operas but what’s going on with my favorite character on GH, Elizabeth Webber, has me so excited (which is a miracle) I have something to say about it.  Plus it’s bringing up a topic I think about in my daily life.

Right now a triangle is gearing up between Niz and Quiz.  Before Nikolas re-entered the canvas I liked AJ/Elizabeth.  I liked their vibe.

I used to be morally opposed to Nikolas and Elizabeth because of why the writers even chose to go there with them back in 2009.

Truth be told, I’m a Jason & Elizabeth fan first and always

and I knew Niz’s affair was part of a plan to 1) cement Jason/Sam and destroy any significance Liason had on the show and 2) promote the character of Lucky (who I despise) at the expense of Liz.  

So why has my tune changed?  Well, because of this…

I’m not going to post a GIF of what AJ was up to this week.

If you watch GH you know.  

One thing that helps is that GH has different writers than it did when Niz were first together 

and their relationship is being portrayed not as a deceitful, toxic affair but  the mature, adult relationship it has the potential to be.

Elizabeth is written as a woman genuinely torn between a man from her past, and a chance to start over with someone new.  But last week, Nikolas finally decided to act on his feelings for Elizabeth, not caring what anyone thought about it or how Lucky might be hurt.  Some say he was selfish for doing it, but I thought it was refreshing.  Most of Elizabeth’s recent character history has been suppressing her real feelings to “protect” Lucky, so to have someone essentially say screw it, I want to be with you no matter what anyone thinks, is a very welcome change.

One reason Jason and Elizabeth’s romance never got off the ground was because neither one could make the selfish choice and go after what they wanted, which was each other and in Jason’s case, their son Jake.  Aside from the danger, Liz asked Jason to let Lucky raise Jake because she couldn’t bear to hurt him, and after Lucky found out the truth, Jason could never put his association with Sonny & co. aside and put Elizabeth and Jake first.    

When Nik/Liz first became romantic, Liz still insisted on marrying Lucky despite admitting she didn’t love him the way he did her, because of her fear of hurting him and her refusal to tear her children away from the only father figure they knew.  Now, Lucky too is off the canvas and by Nikolas’ logic is there’s nothing stopping them from acting on their feelings.  Even some non-Niz fans say he’s right.  If Liz still has feelings for Nik there’s no reason she can’t act on them now.

I think Liz has feelings for AJ.  That was clear even after Nik returned to town but I also think she’s running from her feelings for Nik because to give into them would be selfish in her mind.

But it got me thinking, do we have the right to be selfish in who we choose to be with?  Society imposes restrictions on our behavior, although we like to think we have free choice, in many ways we don’t.  Our identifications like race, gender, ethnic group, religion, social class force us to make choices about who we can love.  Some we accept, but may be others we don’t and at the core of it, there’s the question do I have the right to be selfish in love?  If my family, friends, community expect me to be with this type of person do I have the right to say no, I choose to be with someone outside that box, no matter how people might react?

My instinctive answer is yes, absolutely.  As long as there’s no deception, people should be free to break convention and be with the one they love even if the one they choose is not what’s expected.  IMO it’s selfish for people to take it upon themselves to say who someone can love or not.


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“Although you know what?… Well, what’d you do for the holidays? Where were you? I mean, I kind of expected you to bring the boys by Wyndemere and… I realize it was probably entirely my fault. I didn’t really call or anything or send a formal invitation.”