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Снегу́рочка (The Snow Maiden)

50 in x of animated feature film history
Release: 1952
Country: Soviet Union
Director: Ivan Ivanov-Vano, Aleksandra Snezhko-Blotskaya

“The Snow Maiden is based on the Slavic-pagan play of the same name by Aleksandr Ostrovsky (itself largely based on traditional folk tales). Music from Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera The Snow Maiden is used, arranged for the film by L. Shvarts.

Snegurochka––The Snow Maiden––is the daughter of Spring the Beauty (Весна-Красна) and Ded Moroz (Father Frost), and yearns for the companionship of mortal humans. She grows to like a shepherd named Lel, but her heart is unable to know love, not helped by the fact that Lel claims to love her one moment and abandons her the next. Her mother takes pity and gives her the ability to love, but as soon as she falls in love, her heart warms and she melts, happy to have known love.”


The Snow Maiden is available on YouTube with English subtitles.

To all the new ruspolers/anyone even remotely interested in ruspol

I am so happy that you all are interested in this little niche fandom. It’s super weird and its real life (which I think is cool but it’s given many people an excuse to talk shit and call us horrible people). I am assuming that you have somewhat gotten past that, since you are cruising the ruspol tag. Anyways…

Most of y'all (myself included) got into ruspol initially because of the weird/interesting/horrible person that is Vladimir Putin. He is one of the world’s most powerful men, and he has one of the most interesting pasts and personalities to try and analyze and “figure out”. Of course, with Putin comes Medvedev, the most adorable bear in Russia. Of course, Putvedev is the ruspol OTP. Putvedev all the way. Anyway, there’s also Surkov, associated with Satan, sunflowers, Tupac, etc, etc. 

I know there are other figures people love (mostly within the Kremlin aka part of the ruling party of people) like Mikhail Abyzov, Nikolai Nikiforov, Sergei Ivanov, what have you. 

It’s important to know though (and it makes it even more interesting!) is that Russian politicians exist outside the ruling United Russia party. United Russia likes to degrade Opposition members by calling them middle class whiners who are useless and have no direction. While this may be true to some extent, this is a tactic used by the Kremlin to silence any opposing viewpoint. The Opposition is also not just one party, and it’s usually just used to refer to anyone outside of the United Russia party (which is still a super recent conglomerate party, but let’s not complicate this for the time being).

Anywayyyyy, what I’m getting at is that there are other figures to read about, enjoy, fawn over, or completely hate, depending. This includes but is by no means limited to:

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

most of you probably already know who Khodorkovsky is, but just in case, he used to be Russia’s richest man and an oligarch. For a while in the 90s he and the other oligarchs were pretty much running the country because Yeltsin was so sick. Then Putin locked him up in 2003 because he dared to expose corruption apparent in the Russian government. Khodorkovsky spent the next 10 years in jail, and was only released this past December as a gesture of “good will” by Putin, but it was most likely so Putin could patch up his shitty image before the Sochi olympics started. Also he’s super cute and super passionate about his country.

Boris Nemtsov

Nemtsov is currently a member of the Russian Opposition, but he used to be in higher offices back in the 90s. He started out as the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region, and was even deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation for a hot second in 1998. Many thought Nemtsov was going to be picked as Yeltsin’s successor, but obviously Putin was eventually picked over Nemtsov. Since Putin took over, Nemtsov has been sequestered to an Opposition position, decrying Putin’s ways fromt he sidelines. Don’t get me wrong, Nemtsov is a HUGE asshole, always has been and always will be. But he’s also super hot, too, and has a bunch to say about the bullshit going on in Ukraine right now, so yeah, check him out. I post pics and other media of him fairly regularly.

Ilya Yashin

I don’t profess to know much about Yashin, other ruspolers do know more than I do. He is pretty damn young though (30) and a co-founder of the Solidarity Party, a Russian Opposition Party formed in 2008 with the help of Boris Nemtsov, Gerry Kasparov, and others. He dated Ksenia Sobchak (daughter of Anatoly Sobchak, former mayor of St. Petersburg back in the 90s, although Ksenia has currently made a name for herself in her own right) for a while and both of them got attention as the Opposition poster couple. Since then, however, they have broken up. 

Mikhail Prokhorov

I’m not sure what the rankings are now, but Prokhorov is definitely one of the richest men in modern day Russia. He owns an American basketball team among many other huge ass important companies in Russia. Prokhorov ran for the office of Prime Minister in 2012 on his own party’s ticket. Prokhorov often gets into trouble on account of the press-motivated idea that he is a womanizer. Back in like 2007 or so he got busted with a bunch of hookers at a ski lodge and he just didn’t give a fuck, because he’s rich as hell. There’s more than meets the eye to Prokhorov, though. He could just as easily take his billions and leave Russia forever, but he has decided to stay and help out his country, which is pretty damn admirable.

Alexei Navalny

Navalny is propably the most well-known Opposition member, at least the most well known one to come about in the past 15 years or so. A lawyer by profession (I’m pretty sure, correct me if im wrong), Navalny has been running an opposition blog for years now, where he digs up dirts on russian politicians and find the sources of their corruption. In 2013, Navalny attempted to run for mayor of Moscow, and he very nearly won. The ruling party, United Russia would never ever accept an opposition member as the mayor of the country’s capital, so in a “democratic election”, Navalny’s opponent (and United Russia candidate) Sergei Sobyanin, won. Last year as well, Navalny was sentenced with a bullshit charge of corruption (don’t get me started on the Russian judicial system) and was put on probabtion for 5 years from doing pretty much anything political. When this crisis in Ukraine fired up, Navalny was very vocally against it. Currently, I believe Navalny is in jail for doing exactly what he was told not to do. He’s a firecracker, albeit kind of a dumb firecracker.

Other figures who are interesting and deserve attention (but this post is super long so imma just post pics and descriptions now. You can google them or msg me if you have any questions!) are:

Dmitry Gudkov-Duma member and former member of A Just Russia Party (although idk how his Duma memberships is affected by him getting ousted):

Ilya Ponomarev-Also a former A Just Russia member, Duma member, and vocal opposer of Putin and his regime:

Anatoly Chubais- Once a huge mover and shaker in Russia in the 90s (he co-started Russia’s mass privatization after the Soviet Union collapse), Chubais is now the CEO of Rusnano, a government owned company specializing in nanotechnology. Chubais has no fucks to give at this point:

aaaand my personal favorite, 

Yevgeny Roizman- co-founder of an anti-drug foundation and former convict, now mayor of Russia’s 4th largest city, Yekaterinburg. Roizman is a historian by profession, and has shied away from outright deposing Putin’s policies. Just an all around badass:

Obvs there are more people, but I felt the need to make this summary post to show that the Kremlin is the hub of ruspol, there is no doubt about that, but it is by no means the whole of ruspol. There are many figures to keep an eye on, some who used to be big, some who may have not yet reached their peak political period, and some non-politicians who dabble in politics. It’s a fascinating medley.

Again, any questions you can msg me. I don’t know all the things, but I can sure as hell try!

On Wednesday evening I had the privilege of seeing Nina perform on stage in a preview of ‘Ivanov’ as part of the Young Chekhov season at the National Theatre.

Nina plays Anna Petrovna, nee Sarah Abramsom, wife of Nikolai Ivanov, a regional councillor who is struggling with severe depression and has lost all joy of life. Anna is a loving and devoted wife who holds her husband in the highest regard. In renouncing her Jewish faith in order to be with him, Anna has sacrificed everything she holds dear - her family who have disowned and disinherited her, her former life and her standing in society.

Now married for five years with her health in peril due to tuberculosis, Anna’s husband has tired of her, finding it claustrophobic to spend the long evenings with her as they once did, preferring to seek the company at the home of the wealthy Lebedevs and their young daughter Sasha, who is infatuated with Ivanov.

Nina is simply luminous as Anna. The turquoise colour of her costume accentuates her natural beauty and her endearing charm and the quiet underplaying of Anna’s condition leads you to easily sympathise with her predicament. Although her scenes are few, she lights up the stage and bristles with energy every time she appears.

Anna is first seen leaning out from the upstairs window of her home lovingly speaking to her husband who is reading in the garden. She charmingly flirts with him before descending into the night air to try and persuade him, just for once, to not leave her that evening and instead to sit and talk as they used to. When Ivanov refuses, she questions why, if he won’t stay, can’t she go with him and he responds “When I am in this state, I begin not to love you. When I do not love you, I have to get out of the house.” Reluctantly but with understanding, Anna lets him go.

Nina portrays Anna as a proud and honourable woman who loves her husband deeply despite his hurtful attitude towards her. Reminiscing with her doctor about the remarkable man she married, whose eyes used to blaze with passion when he talked and made her laugh, and yet who now seems so changed, she wistfully remarks that most people pay nothing for their happiness “But I have paid. I am paying with my whole life”.

My favourite part was Nina’s final scene. Painfully aware that her husband is growing increasingly close to Sasha during his regular jaunts to the Lebedev’s, Anna is angry to learn that Sasha has been to their home and visited Ivanov alone in his study. She rises from her sick bed, bare footed and clad only in a night dress to confront him. Tauntingly she accuses him of never having loved her and only ever being interested in her family’s money. Despite his increasing anger at these accusations she continues to vent her own fury, finally seeing him for what he is, her voice rising dramatically belying her weak state. It is a powerhouse of a performance from Nina and when Ivanov literally screams an anti semitic insult at Anna, there is a palpable sense of shock from the audience. Undetermined, Anna defiantly continues to speak the truth until in his rage and frustration Ivanov cruelly informs her of the seriousness of her condition and imminent death. There was a collective holding of breath as Anna first stares silently at Ivanov and then, as he recoils in horror at the evilness of his words, she simply bows her head as she descends through the stage floor.

It is difficult to justly articulate Nina’s stunning performance in this production. She manages to draw the audience in and holds you there with her effortless grace. Suffice to say I feel very lucky to be around at a time when Nina is at the top of her game. To witness her hone her performances live on stage is a real privilege and this particular performance is one to cherish.


I’m so done with looking at this sim.  Not even kidding.  xD  I can’t really like… make a judgement about him right this second because I’ve sat and tweaked his horseshit for hours, but uh….. at this very second: NO.  xD

However, even as tired as I am of looking at Nikolai it is still interesting seeing his werewolf form in these colors?  It’s really compelling in both directions.  He’s such a big sim he’s very imposing, but looks like a sweetheart.  I gave him the Hopeless Romantic trait for his YA form.  xD

So I’m in my weird berry game and I’m like… you know what, I wanna make a sim.  And that’s in total air quotes, “make”, because…. unless I’m forced to create an animal sim from scratch because the game went LOOOOOL and gave me a weird black blank slate sim, Iunno…. I have no inspiration.  I usually just take a sim from my massive bin and poke around with it.

So I’m looking through my bin.  SO MANY SIMS.  Base game townies, born townies, my own sims, my own sims’ kids, SO MANY.  

The teenagers from Riverview are REALLY interesting.  Unless I were to crack open that game and actually play it they will never age, so in theory, if things stay as they are, I will never see them get to YA.  :|

I picked Nikolai ‘cuz…. why not.  ┐(´∀`)┌


His face though.  He’s a Yuri Ivanov clone in his face, but with Andrea’s overall color (and build!).  ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

I guess.  xD  He’s meant for play not for photoshoot at this point, if just because he’s not a berry sim.

Much win.  Now I just have to finalize his vanilla outfits.  THEN I can focus on color!  :D  … he uh…. won’t quite look like this though.  He’s using a non-default skin.  xD



¡Hola, Sebastian! He de decir que es un gusto mandarle una postal a alguien de Francia, es un país hermoso, muy distinto de lo que estoy acostumbrado. Leí en tu perfil que te gustaba que te mandasen postales de zonas características de los países de las personas con las que interaccionabas, entonces decidí mandarte esta de la aurora boreal en mi ciudad: Höfn. Creo que esto te gustaría, es muy silencioso, tanto que a veces me desespera, además de que a duras penas se ven partidos de fútbol. Espero que te guste el paisaje de mi ciudad, un abrazo.

Atte: Nikolai Ivanov Rojo, Höfn, Islandia.