the signs as the strokes songs

aries: juicebox

taurus: 12:51

gemini: the modern age

cancer: someday

leo: heart in a cage

virgo: under cover of darkness

libra: gratisfaction

scorpio: evening sun

sagittarius: new york city cops

capricorn: welcome to japan

aquarius: you only live once

pisces: razorblade 

that one rare version of You Only Live Once
The Strokes (cover)
that one rare version of You Only Live Once

this version specifically is the most beautiful piece of art that I’ve heard. //I got really heated while singing this// I think that I want this one at my funeral too, basically play the strokes for like 6 hours straight at my funeral, I’m gonna be happy & YOLO for like hundred times on repeat + show the YOLO video & I will possibly return back from the dead  , because 2006 Juuuuuliiiaannnnnnn fuck


The Strokes live at Lollapalooza Brazil 2017

Favorite part:

crowd: Nikolai! Nikolai! Nikolai!
Julian: I know that Fab is brazilian and everything but you know me, Nick and Nikolai, we have feelings too. Just saying
Julian: NickNikolaiJulian! NickNikolaiJulian!  …I’m kidding
Albert: What about me?
Julian: Albert and Fab, they have been chanting you guys.