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Serial killer, Nikolai Dzhumagaliev, also known as “Metal Fang” due to his metal teeth, has escaped from a psychiatric hospital in Kazakhstan. He was arrested in 1981 after killing and cannibalising at least ten women. Many locals are already blaming him for the disappearance of 22-year-old Saida Akzhanova. Ironically, this is not the first time he has escaped. He escaped from another psychiatric hospital in 1989 and remained on the run for two years.

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev, also known as ”Metal Fang“ due to his white metal teeth, killed and cannibalized on more than seven women before he was caught in 1980. On January 1979, he murdered his first victim. An excerpt from an interview with Dzhumagaliev describing the first murder: ”I always loved to hunt, often went hunting, but this was my first time hunting a woman. When I went out on the Uzun-agach-Maibulak track, I saw some young peasant woman. She was alone. I felt my heart pound within me and I ran after her. Hearing my footsteps, she turned around, but I caught up with her and put my arm around her neck, dragged her to the side of the landfill. She resisted, and then I cut her throat with a knife. Then I drank her blood. I cut the corpse’s breast into strips, removed the ovaries, separated the pelvis and hips; I then folded these pieces into a backpack and carried them home. I melted the fat to fry with, and some parts I pickled. Once I put the parts through a meat grinder and made dumplings. I saved the meat for myself; I never served it to anyone else.“ He was finally arrested after inviting over two drunk people over to his house, but they quickly sobered after discovering a woman’s served head and intestines in the kitchen. Dzhumagaliev was committed to a mental institution in Tashkent.

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev, known as “Metal Fang” on account of his white-metal false, created a reign of terror in the Soviet republic of Kazakhstan during 1980. In his spare time, Dzhumagaliev enjoyed escorting young women - he had a preference for tall, attractive ones - on strolls by the river. He was by all accounts the perfect gentleman, presentable, clean-shaven and neatly dressed, but with one appalling trait. Having lured his victim to a remote spot on the river bank, Metal Fang raped and then hacked the woman to death with an axe and knife. As if this were not depredation enough, he would light a fire and cook the victims. It was always on the evening following one of these murders that Dzhumagaliev’s friends would be invited to join him in a supper of roast meat. Metal Fang was eventually discovered when two drunks that he had invited back for a snack found a woman’s head with intestines in the kitchen. He was charged with seven murders, but the court held that Dzhumagaliev was not responsible for his actions and committed him to a mental institution in Tashkent. Nikolai Dzhumangaliev escaped from custody while being transferred to another institution in 1989; no public announcement was ever made of Metal Fang’s escape lest it cause panic. He was recaptured at Fergana, Uzbekistan, in August 1991 after earlier being reported for trying to proposition women in Moscow.

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev is a Kazakhstani serial killer charged for the murder of seven women in 1981. It is speculated, however, that his actual victim count is much higher – likely falling somewhere between 50 and 100. Dzhumagaliev is perhaps more famously known by the name “Metal Fang”, given to him because of his unusual false teeth forged from white metal.

A cannibalistic killer, Metal Fang put his super-powered teeth to work. Otherwise normal looking and seemingly unassuming, he would charm his victims and ultimately lure them to his home. Once there he’d get them drunk and then murder and dismember them for cooking. Generally he would drink their blood as well, believing that human blood purified the soul, but occasionally he refused to because they were too inebriated and he found this off-putting.

This bizarre misappropriation of morality was prevalent throughout his crimes. Dzhumagaliev killed women exclusively, preferring white, blonde European types. He considered them the root of all evil and was deeply disgusted by women who drank or swore or had premarital sex. He made it his mission to eradicate them in an effort to purify the world.

Typically, Dzhumagaliev liked to prepare proper meals from his victims. One of his favorite hobbies was serving bits and pieces of them to blissfully unaware friends and house guests. Once he even made human meat ravioli. His secret recipes were ultimately his downfall, though: one of his dinner parties went horribly awry when someone discovered a severed head in the refrigerator. The guest alerted the police and Metal Fang was arrested shortly thereafter.

Found not guilty by reason of insanity, he was sent to a mental institution instead of being jailed. After a short stay there he managed to escape while being transported between facilities, living as a fugitive for ten years before being re-apprehended in 1991. Whether he murdered during his decade on the lam has never been confirmed, but it’s worth noting that his recapturing came after a young woman went to the police about his persistent propositions.

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev is still alive but his current whereabouts are marred by misinformation. Some sources say he was freed after ten years in the institution; others say he’s still held there now.

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev is as close to a real life Hannibal Lecter as you can get. The main difference is that Dzhumagaliev has metal teeth.
Operating in 1980 in the former Soviet Union, Dzhumagaliev is one of the most prolific serial killer cannibals the country has ever seen. Affectionately called “Metal Fang” for the set of white, metal teeth which had replaced his own chompers (making himself a sort of hybrid between Lecter and Jaws from James Bond), Dzhumagaliev is said to have killed and eaten somewhere between 50 to 100 women… and even served a few portions to his unknowing friends.
After being sentenced to a mental institution in Uzbekistan and escaping once, the government decided that less than 10 years of rehabilitation was enough for this serial killer and simply let him go.
“And you PROMISE you won’t eat any more women?”
So Where Is He Now?
Very little is known of Dzhumagaliev’s current whereabouts, though he is said to be living with his relatives in Eastern Europe. However, being a free man and all, he can travel anywhere he pleases. Perhaps a place where almost no one has heard of him. Like your town, for example.

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev

Nikolai began killing in Alma-Ata, Kazakhastan, a republic of the Soviet Union in the year 1980. He had already served prison time when he started murdering women. He believed it was his mission to rid the world of prostitutes. Nikolai was known as “Metal Fang” for his teeth which were made of metal. Other than his teeth, he was not out of the ordinary in his looks. He was well dressed and had no problem luring women into the dark ends of parks and other desolate areas. Once there, he would proceed to rape the women and then hack them to death with an axe.He would then take the body back to his house and cook it. Often, he would serve the meat to his unknowing friends. He was caught when two of the men he invited over happened to walk into his kitchen only to find a decapitated head. They called the police who captured Nikolai. He was charged with 7 murders, although he told detectives that he killed between 50 and 100 women. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity and committed to a mental institution in Tashkent. in 1989, while being transported to another facility, Nikolai escaped. Authorities re-captured him in 1991 in Fergana. He served 10 more years and was then released. He is said to be living with relatives in eastern Europe but is allowed to travel freely.

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev, a Russian who murdered 9 prostitutes. He also fed them to his guests (remind anyone of a certain someone?) and he was caught when his guests saw a head in his fridge. Nikolai Dzhumagaliev then escaped prison in 1989, but was recaptured in 1991. He only served 10 more years and is now currently living with his relatives. He was called Metal Fang because he had white metal teeth and it is thought that he killed more women than 9.
At the moment Nikolai Dzhumagaliev is the person who I find most fascinating.

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Has there ever been a serial killer that eventually got out of prison??

The worst serial killer to ever be released from prison (in my opinion) is South American serial killer Pedro Lopez.

Ed Kemper killed his grandparents when he was a teenager.  He went away for a while, only to be released and to become one of the most well-known serial killers.

Phillip Jablonski was in prison for murder, but he was released only to become a serial killer.

While Karla Homolka isn’t technically a serial killer, she was released.

Cannibal Issei Sagawa was released from prison.

Italian serial killer Bartolomeo Gagliano escaped prison when he was granted a day release.

Soviet serial killer who has said to have eaten between 50-100 women, Nikolai Dzhumagaliev, was released.

School shooters Andrew Golden and Mitchell Johnson were released (although Mitchell Johnson is back in prison now on different charges.)