nikola tesla and you

Nikola Tesla is the greatest b/c he loved pigeons and science and wanted to provide people with electricity at low cost but he was also lowkey trying to build a death beam. 



Ok so first of all let’s see what got ton of gems corrupted… 

Centi tells Stevo that everyone was running away from something, and after that, it was all noise… “You heard something. From the sky, a sound. A song? And then…”

And this is also further handled on “Same Old World” where Lapis shows that everyone was running in a hurry out of the earth and because of that they leaved her on earth trapped in the mirror. 

That looks like a light, sure, a blinding light, but what got me is when Centipeedle CLEARLY talks about SOUND and not LIGHT.

In the same episode, Garnet talks about how “It’s sort of like if MC Bear-Bear didn’t tear the fabric of his arm, but the fabric of his mind.”, so the nuke (let’s call it like that so is easier kie?) wasn’t spreading a kind of virus or something that messes with their body structure, aka, their light.

Now, back to an episode, season 1B, first Stevenbomb, “The message”. 

What’s so important about it? I think is a lil picky, but re-watching season one it really got my attention the way Amethyst reacted to The Wailing Stone

At first it was kind of just covering her ears and being a lil moody, but time passed and there was a point where she was getting desperate. 

(weirdly, Garnet and Pearl seems kind of okay, but that may be because they are in general more resistant, i think)

And you see, for the ones who don’t know, sound is basically waves that travel through matter, a constant and loud sound can get to the point of physically hurting you.

Actually, one of the discovering that Nikola Tesla did was that, with vibrations, you could make something shake, and if it was constant and strong enough, it would break, it’s exactly what earthquakes do! and guess what, sound is, in fact, vibrations!. 

Now, the most common experiment about this is putting some sort of glass and turning the volume slowly as loud as possible, after a moment the vibrations would be so much that it basically shatters.

What does this has to do with gem corruption? as I said before, sound needs MATTER to “travel around”, so OF COURSE they couldn’t make the bomb attack from space as a sound!, thats where the light makes the job.

You see, light is also waves that travel around, thing is, light doesn’t need a medium to travel, so Homeworld basically found a way to make a light explosion, turn it into sound, and attempt to shatter the gems in that way. 

But how did they turned the light into sound? Waving stones.

You see, in Gem Hunt we get a pretty short view of what is possibly a HUGE waving stone. 

Homeworld probably put them all around the world so they would make the sound travel without problem, the original waving stones where probably little and used to send messages from homeworld/space to earth (Like Lapis did),but then they found out that they could use it for shattering gems, their plan was basically use “vibrations to break glass” but in a massive way. 

So, why didn’t the gems shattered? they… kind of did! Corruption is basically their “light forms” shattered, its like the noise didn’t exactly broke the gem, but broke the coding of the gem, corrupted it, like when someone messes with the data of a video game and it gets all glitchy! they shattered their data, their “brains”. 

Of course, they didn’t literally SHATTERED them, but having in mind that Homeworld made the cluster experiments with Crystal Gems (As Garnet says explicitly) then it was probably a way to prove their weapons again. They basically used their enemies, the rebels, as lab-rats, to see if their massive weapon would work, just like the cluster.

Homeworld pretty  much tortured the gems with a screeching, loud and constant sound long enough to shatter their light forms.


Okay, I’m gonna mention a couple of things because it’s not fair to me losing my mind alone:

  • Lili talks about Bughead and refers to them “as a couple”, turning to look at Cole and he gives her THE smirk before she smiles back.
  • the proud smirk that Cole has as she continues answering the qustion, the one that says “look at my girl being opinioned and shining like the star she is, I love her”
  • the eyerbrow rise as a subtle “isn’t she amazing?” to the interviewer
  • the thickness in his voice after their constant eye sex
  • “They started investigating the murder, and then, they started investigating each other” thank you Cole for confirming our assumptions that you are indeed “investigating” each other. (I’m daying at the way he says it, so hot and filled with sexual tension!)
  • Lili’s adorable but deep down foxy “stop” and the smug grin on her face
  • the look of “you’re an asshole but I love you” she gives him after
  • the adorable, smart-ass look he gives her back
  • their matching smiles and their short-lived lovesick haze before snapping back to reality as the interviewer asked the next question
  • Lili’s smile at Cole’s goofiness when he says Jughead’s role model is Nikola Tesla because “babe, you are such a dork and that’s why I love you”
  • Cole’s pleased and silly grin when he sees her chuckling
  • maybe there is some inside joke yet again that we don’t know off?
  • their whole giddy behavior throughout the interview, the way that they are just glued to each other, the no personal space whatsoever, Cole’s face next to her hair, Lili’s shoulder practically brushing his chest, the heart eyes, the looks of love, the way that are orbiting around each other, the fact that sometime Cole definately brushes his hand over her waist cheekily, knowing we can’t see him

I mean who thinks that they are not dating at this point?!

“One of the great events in my life was my first meeting with Edison. This wonderful man, who had received no scientific training, yet had accomplished so much, filled me with amazement. I felt that the time I had spent studying languages, literature and art was wasted; though later, of course, I learned this was not so.”

–Nikola Tesla

“Making Your Imagination Work For You.” American Magazine, April, 1921.

“I learned that the man who wants to achieve must give up many things — society, diversion, even rest — and must find his sole recreation and happiness in work. He will live largely with his conceptions and enterprises; they will be as real to him as worldly possessions and friends.”

–Nikola Tesla

“Making Your Imagination Work For You.” American Magazine, April, 1921.
The Prankster’s Guide to the Seven Bells of the Abhorsen

Ranna is the smallest of the Bells and is called the Sleepbringer. It is used to avoid having to get stabbed with needles before surgeries, end classes early, wrap your school principal in toilet paper, and run Donald Trump up the flagpole naked after drawing stupid faces on him. Nothing terrible happens if its ringer makes an error, so try this one first to see if you can pull this stuff off.

Mosrael is the Waker. Its purpose is to bring cool historical figures back to life (use of it to ride dinosaurs has also been recorded); however, the ringer will be thrown into Death, so make sure you can get back to Life before trying this, and go to a secluded location where no one will discover your temporarily Dead body and learn what you have done before your brilliant plans have come to fruition.

Kibeth is known as the Walker. It can be used to use massive groups of Dead people doing the Macarena barge into your exam/budget meeting , or force them through the gates of Death, thus putting the Ghostbusters out of a job. It is represented by the Disreputable Dog, who, if she has white fur (what color is her fur??), is technically a White Walker.

Dyrim gives the Dead a voice, or removes that of annoying living parents, bosses, spouses, younger siblings, and Abhorsens giving lectures about responsible Bell use.

Belgaer can give a Dead spirit its memories, and give independent thought, but can just as easily erase any reservations Nikola Tesla may have about helping you build a Death Star.

Saraneth is the favorite of necromancers in the story, in that it forces obedience from the Dead- which is code for “you can use this to make people do WHATEVER YOU WANT”. The possibilities are truly endless! (You can also create an army of Dead creatures to fend off the angry hordes coming for your head!)

Naturally, all of this attracts a lot of attention, especially from those whose duty it is to control malicious necromancers. That’s why there’s one more Bell:

Astarael is what you use when the Abhorsen, now with an army to back them up, finally catches you.

(You were never going to get out of this alive, so why not take as many enemies of fun with you as you can?)

I hope this guide proves helpful and informative. Good luck, and remember, the big bell is the no-no bell!

Puppy Eyes

Prompt: You, Barry, and a furbaby?

Words: 477

“Barry …No.”

Barry just gives you a grin and pushes the fluffy husky puppy closer to your face. “Come on Y/N. He’s cute, and fluffy, and he needs a mommy and daddy.” His voice rises a bit, as he waves the puppy’s paw at you “Won’t you pwease be my mommy?”

You begin to feel your heart melt, not at the sight of the puppy, but at the sight of Barry. He knows you’ve been feeling down lately. He knows that things have begun taking their toll. You’ve been married for a little over five years now, and you’ve known each other much longer.

You thought being married to a superhero would have been tougher, but you find that Barry somehow makes things work. Is he always late to things? Yes. Does he disappear in the middle of date night sometimes? Yes, but he usually returns a few minutes later. Does he plan out special dates, and trips? Yes.

Overall, he’s an amazing husband, and he’s been so supportive over the last three years, which is why you’re not all that surprised to see the little husky puppy in front of you. “We’re not home enough.” You try.

“Cisco and Caitlin said that he could hang out with them during the day.”

“We have to train him.”

Barry smiled. “Already got the books, and we have a long weekend this week.”

You raise an eyebrow at that. “We’re going to train a puppy in one weekend?”

Barry smiles and nods. “He’s smart, like his mom.” He places the puppy in your arms, and you feel the last bit of resistance fall away. You cradle the puppy a bit closer, and bury your face in his fur.

His paws are huge, which means he’s going to be huge, and he’s going to shed so bad. But as that little tongue comes out and licks your face, and you officially fall in love. “Y/N, do you really not want him?” Barry asks quietly.

You shake your head yes, your head still buried in his fur, before clarifying, “Of course I want him. He’s adorable.”

Barry just smiles, before pulling you into his arms, making sure to not crush the puppy. After a minute you look up and smile. “He’s going to need a name.” You state.

Barry grins. “I’ve got some totally awesome choices.”

Pulling back, you say, “No scientists.”

“Oh come on. Nikola Tesla makes a great dog name.”

The puppy lets out a howl right in your ear, but you can’t help but grin “See, he says no too.” You say to Barry before talking to the puppy. “Don’t worry, mama won’t let silly daddy name you. Let’s call Auntie Caitlin and see of she has any ideas.” You say as you walk away from Barry and towards the living room.

  Barry simply follows behind you grinning.

you never know what dumb historical shit some YA author is going to romanticize like ill probably log in tomorrow and see posts like “dont follow me if you ship edisla (thomas edison/nikola tesla)” and i’ll just be like aight