A nationalist conference in Warsaw

November 10, 2016 before the Independence Day celebrations, the community of culture and traditions “Niklot” organized an international conference with the participation of Ukrainian, Polish, Croatian, Italian and Russian nationalists. The reason for the meeting was already traditional celebration of the independence of Poland, as well as discussion of common ideological and philosophical orientations of each organization.

An opening speech made Tomasz Szczepański, the leader of “Niklot.” Having briefly explained the basic idea of ​​the conference, he gave the floor to Sebastien Manificat, the representative of “CasaPound Italia,” who spoke about the current political situation in Italy, a migration crisis and the problem of refugees, as well as the main activities of CasaPound, in particular, its social direction.

Then the floor took Vladyslav Kovalchuk, the member of the AZOV Civil Corps in Ivano-Frankivsk and the representative of the AZOV Movement in Poland, who made a brief presentation entitled “AZOV: from a paramilitary organization to an all-Ukrainian nationalist movement,“ which revealed the history of AZOV prior to the Winter Revolution, little black men, creation of the battalion and regiment, as well as current activities on the front and in the rear and a gradual transition to the political activity in the ranks of a new party "National Corps.”

Then conference participants watched the film “The Movement” about the Ukrainian nationalist movement and, after a short break, proceded to the discussion about ideology and foreign policy of the AZOV Movement, its vision of the Ukrainian-Polish relations, and the project of Intermarium.

The event was closed by a solo performance of Dmitriy “Sadko” Plekhanov, one of the former vocalists of a legendary Russian band “Kolovrat.”

It should be noted that such meetings really promote international nationalist solidarity, reduce chauvinist stereotypes and favour opportunities to find that middle ground that unites all of us, not divides.