nikkor 50mm 1:1.8g


The Light that I wanted so Much. par António João
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Nikon F100 Nikkor 1/1.8 50mm series E (pancake) f22 / 1/40s Rollei Retro 80S R09 - One Shot (Rodinal) 1/50 @ 20 celcius 14 minuts - 1 Agitation every 30s Scanned on Epson V750 Pro gray 16 bits Tiff @ 6400 dpi Photoshop CS6 Portable clear dust, and convert to JPG


Tokyo summer sky by Shinichiro Saka
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文京区役所展望室からの東京の空; 東京スカイツリー方面


エリックさんと一緒に写真散歩 大阪 11/29/2015 by endworker
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The photo walk Osaka 11/29/2015 with Eric san! Nikon F2 Nikkor-s Auto 50mm 1:1.4 KODAK ektar100

273/365 – The one who smiled to Hamburg

Last week died a well known graffiti artist called OZ. One sign of OZ are the smileys all in and over Hamburg. One sees the smileys everywhere. He gave everyone a smile in a time of stress, hurry and no time in which many people aren’t able to smile to each other. OZ was hit by a local train while putting some smileys on walls. He was 54, if I am right, and was at some galleries with his works.

257/365 – Best men

I have to be honest, this image was created yesterday and not today. But was done by a photographer with my camera and I decided to use that for this Sunday. We were both a best man for the two weddings of a big friend of us.

271/365 – Analog

I checked my old analog SLR camera and decided, that I want to buy an analog  film and make some nice images. So, here I am, at weekend with a film for analog images. ,-)

268/365 – Sunrise

Do you know why I like fall? Do you? Do you? Well, I will tell you. I am able to see the sunrise again while commuting to Hamburg. The sun rises up to early in summer and to late in winter. But in spring and in fall I see wonderful sunrises and I am happy for the day!!!

263/365 — Visitors in Kiel

Today is a day with many events in Kiel. We have old traditional sail ships visiting Kiel to challenge each other. Therefor the Sedov is  in Kiel (on the right). Beside that an event is there to show old timer cars at the harbour … and there is much more at this weekend. I chose this view for my project this year. I like the view out of the harbour and I like that foggy one from today. It is a panorama including ten images stitched by PS.

249/365 – Calm down and enjoy

People are often totally in hurry and they complain more and more about less time and more stress. I like people calming down, sitting on a bench at a lake and watch the environment. I did this error today to, I have an important appointment and less time for anything I want to do before. Well, I did, what I may do the best, I took some images on the my ways today and chilled this way. Now, I think, I finish everything important without less stress. *yeah*

244/365 – Standing man

Where is the time one waited reading a book or a news papers? Proof me that I am wrong, but it seems, that the romantic time is gone.