nikkor 18 200



My name is Kristi. I am an aspiring, self taught, (with the help of the internets,) amateur photographer in Las Vegas, NV.  I shoot a Nikon d7000 with Nikkor 18- 200  and a Micro Nikkor 40mm lens.  I have my saturation bumped up a bit in my camera because I do not like or have a lot of time for editing.  I try to post sooc as much as possible. 

I make many of my photos in and around my postage stamp sized front yard.  I love capturing details of things and my micro lens gets quite the workout.  My focus seems to be on botanicals right now, though I love landscape, architecture, and street photography. I also love to take portraits of people in their element, i.e. doing their favorite thing, much more than a planned portrait session.  Donna Boucher, shooting out of Wisconsin and Pete Heck from Hecktic Travels are inspirations to me.