Vanessa by Ed McGowan
Via Flickr:
Vanessa Hanson stopped by the studio. If you are interested in seeing more of my portraits follow me on Instagram Model: Vanessa Hanson (Ford Models) MUA/H: Daja Hartman Stylist: Drèa Strobist:einstein in a 80" PLM camera Left, triggered by pocketwizards Blog | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Facebook

We all float on © by Sharon B.
Via Flickr:
I think this is my favorite of the photos I took on Sunday in the backyard. I wanted my 35mm lens and mistakenly grabbed the 50mm (hey it was dark in the room) and only realized my mistake once I was outside. I did not want the butterfly to flutter bye so I left it on and took some shots. I had forgotten just how dreamy a result one could get from this lens… both flower and butterfly appear to be free floating… and that sweet bokeh. Well. Yeah.