Hey ya’ll! So we’re doing a Fairy Tail character ask panel at Anime California this year, located at the Anaheim Marriott from August 28th-August 30th!


The panel will take place Day 1, Friday, August 28th from 1:15-2:15 pm!

Here is the list of characters and what we have/need/don’t have and what is currently being auditioned for (Please note we are open to other characters not listed, just drop us a message!)

Lucy - Sabrina Nikkol
Natsu - NEED
Happy -  (Currently being auditioned for)
Gray -  (Currently being auditioned for)

Erza - Hope Allyn
Wendy - Kaylee Swanson
Juvia - (Currently being auditioned for)
Levy - Sarah Ottinger
Gajeel - NEED
Mirajane - Amber Graves
Laxus - NEED
Cana - NEED

Loke/Leo - (Currently being auditioned for)

Feel free to audition for as many characters as you want. You may audition for characters that are currently being auditioned for, but you may NOT do so for already assigned characters. And again, you can audition for characters not listed!!!

In your video audition, please be IN-COSPLAY, and -IN-CHARATER and post it to the event.

Please include:
Your character’s name
Why you want this job as a panelist (ex, you need more rent money, you want to help out, etc).
How important is your guild to you?
Any other tidbits you want to include/are relevant to your character.

PLEASE EVEN IF YOU DON’T LIVE IN CALIFORNIA SPREAD THE WORD! The date’s pretty close and we need to fill slots! Plus it’s a great way to make friends and get exposure!

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how did Nikkol even become friends with them? honestly she's like a cow compared to them. not that they are super pretty, but Nikkol is boring and not even remotely pretty? is she the ugly friend of the three of them?

I think they worked together at some point.

Also, this message is rude and uncalled for.

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1. Write your name in song titles
K- King – Laura Aquilina
A- Animal – Three Days Grace
N- Never… – Morikubo Showtaro
E- Evolution Eve – Quartet Night
R- Rondo – ON/OFF
O- Over the Rainbow – Ittoki Otoya

2. Why did you pick your URL?

It’s actually a ship name from Vampire Knight (KanamexZero). Way back when Takaratime and I were wee teenagers, we were put on a team together and told to make a robot (during an outing we went to). Kanero was our team name. It’s stuck with me ever since.

3. What’s your middle name?


4. If you could be a fictional/fairy tale being, what would you be?

I would want to be an elf or a fairy! I’ve always found these creatures to be mysterious and graceful and I think it would be cool to live in a forest or something haha.

5. Favourite colour?

Anything in the blue-purple spectrum

6. Favourite song?

Right now it’s Let’s Get Started by Morikubo Showtaro

7. Top 4 Fandoms?

–Uta no Prince-Sama

–Donten ni Warau

–Tsubasa Chronicle


8. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

It’s a good place to come and get a laugh and see some wonderful art/writings.

9. Tag nine mutuals

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#Funny Video: Things Black Church People Say

#Funny Video: Things Black Church People Say

Tisha is back with a new video:

“Things Black Church People Say.”

One recent Sunday when Tisha should have been in church, she was walking in a meadow. And, by meadow, she means she was walking in the neighborhood. While she was walking, she experienced a fit of laughter. She can’t really explain it except to say, it got her thinking about church. Perhaps it was because she was not in church…

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King Kirby Birthday Event this Friday

King Kirby Birthday Event this Friday @ Shmaltz Brewing Co.

All Hail the King! Art by Lee Moder Friday, August 28 would have been the 98th birthday of the one and only Jack Kirby, one of comics’ all-time greatest creators. To celebrate the legends birthday, some local creators and the Shmaltz Brewing Company are teaming up for the 2nd Annual King Kirby Birthday Party featuring an impressive list of comic creators. Guests will include Steve Niles, Andy…

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Inversion addiction is real! Ahahahaha ever believe in trust? Meaning believing in yourself. Trust yourself. Be healthy full of fruit and vegetables surrender yes. Its the best realization of reality 💋💋💋 by kayla.nikkole

Want to start a daily yoga practice but don’t know how to make it stick? For $5, I’ll share with you what has helped me and others.

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whats your hunch? you run an awesome blog btw

My hunch is that either a) Since her husband and Nikkol linked her instagram someone who she owes money to tried to contact her or b) she saw that her username was posted here and assumed (a) might happen so she went private.


Exclusive Paperback

Amazon #1 Best Seller; Book 1 in the Tisha Ariel Nikkole Series. Urban Love Story with face paced suspense.

When  journalist Tisha Ariel Nikkole accepts an assignment to interview, superstar artist / rapper, Keyshawn “Shout” Lane, she’s expecting the egotistical, self-absorbing , playboy that dominates magazine covers. What she finds… changes her life.

In New York, Miami, Los Angeles and…

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where and what post did the boyfriend link to tiffany? does anybody know why she went back on private?

He and her friend Nikkol tagged her in an instagram post. She has not said why she made her instagram private. Though I have a hunch.

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Name: Nikkole, u can call me that or snazy
Where are you from: Illinois to
Favorite Color: Purple??? Or black idk
Write something in all caps: I WANT TO HOME
Favourite Band/Artist: Ghost Town/Melanie Martinez
Favourite Number: 7, 12, 24
Favourite Drink: chai lattes, any kind of frappé , coffee in general lol

I don’t know anyone else so do this if u wanna yo