You gotta laugh at the stupidity of the obsessed teenaged fans… Nikkole is dumb, but this fan is just crazy stupid. You really thought Nikkole was going to accept a friend request from someone who is using her pic as their profile? I fucking cannot!

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I'm legit worried Nikkole will kill Ellie to get attention once blogs stop reporting about her newborn.

Oh my god. I hope not. That’s awful. 😢 let’s hope for the best.

16 & Pregnant's Devon Broyles gives birth to daughter Layla
The 16 & Pregnant alumnae birth announcements keep pouring in! We can now add Season 4 mom Devon Broyles to the list as she joins Nikkole … To share your experience with another pregnant woman Click Here
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Nikkole is crying on twitter because her timehop is filled with fest pics. Instead of you know, being two years since her "baby" died. Scum.


Temporary Moments. Permanent Memories.

The buildup that makes up the first few minutes turned 1.5 hours has a lasting breakdown all in its own.
We shatter these barriers by breaking zippers that exhale sounds that reverberate loud enough with the question
“How did I end up here”
Follow through with misplaced hands. Fall into calculated lips.
Explore the contours of the little things meticulously placed together that make us human..
Fall again.
Crash down.
Capsize on this moment.
These moments.
Tear it apart.
rip it to shreds.
Start from scratch every fucking time.
Make it real. Make it last.
Always unforgettable.
Quiver with anticipation at the end of it.
Maybe the mere thought of it all.
Temporary isn’t forever.
Make it count.

-chauna nikkole

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Didn't they almost pick nikkole for teen mom?

Not that I know of but who knows. The moms they chose are such trainwrecks, even Chelsea. It took her years to get her shit together.

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Omg this just in when you become a mom never ever take pictures of yourself or for yourself. Who care if Nikkole took a selfie. It's just a pictures. She is allowed pictures of herself, not just of her kids

Lol what are you talking about. No one said she couldn’t upload a picture of herself. That’s not what anyone is talking about. She uploaded a picture sexualizing breastfeeding for attention. Sorry you can’t see how messed up that is like everyone else can.