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Nikkole just called out MTV big time for failing to portray the real struggles that go with becoming a mother in your teens. And Jenelle argued this wasn’t true because apparently not being eligible for government assistance because you earn hundreds of thousands dollars each year is a struggle…

Nikkole: A year ago today I found out I was pregnant. A year ago today I smoked my last cigarette. A year ago today I put down the bottle. A year ago today completely changed my life for the better even though I thought it might change it for the worse. So many people look at me today and tell me how great of a mother I am and how I am “goals.” Currently, I can agree with these two things but that is not who I have always been. I got pregnant with my son at 15. I had never partied, never drank, never snuck out, the only “bad” thing I did was have sex. I stayed in school, had my son, and was the best mom I could be at 16. I went back to school a week after birth, kept my grades up, was back on the cheer team, and raising my son. I began to realize all of my peers were out on the weekends, drinking and having what I thought looked like fun. I was 17 now and my son was a little over 1. My mom had always been strict but I decided to ask if I could go to a party. Shockingly I got a yes. I went, I drank, and I loved it. It felt good to feel what I thought was “normal.” It felt good to be social and get out of the house. By 18/19 I was going out every weekend and even took a week trip to Florida for spring break. My time with friends and alcohol became greater as my time with my son became lesser. I was so focused on myself and finding out what I wanted that I neglected my son and our relationship. 20 came and I met my daughters dad. Admitting to me right away when we met, that he was an alcoholic. We clicked even though he was probably one of the worst people for me. Daily drinking, staying up till 5 am, and sleeping all day. Going days without seeing my son and not thinking twice about it. I was so lost in this “life” that I didn’t even know who I was anymore, I did not recognize the girl in the mirror. I let myself be treated like complete crap day in and day out by myself and by my boyfriend. I didn’t love myself therefore I could not love anyone else. I had no relationship with my family and rarely talked to my friends. October 31 2014, a fight escalated so badly that I was thrown into a wall and blacked out. I knew, I couldn’t do this anymore. I went out that night to drink, to numb a pain I didn’t even really feel anymore. The drinks made me sick, unknowingly to me, because I was pregnant. I woke up the next morning, still sick and questioning why two small drinks would make me feel so hungover. The thought of pregnancy ran across my mind but I didn’t think too much of it. As the day went on it kept popping up in my mind & I decided to buy a test JUST TO BE SURE I was NOT pregnant as I was going to be drinking again that night. I took the test so nonchalantly that I barely even paid attention. Fiddling with my phone, I noticed 2 LINES pop on the test below me. What. The. Fuck. I dropped to my knees and began sobbing. I wasn’t sure what to do and honestly thought it was just a false positive. 3 tests and an ER visit later, I finally realized I was actually pregnant. I quit everything cold turkey. I started eating healthy. I went back to school. I got a better job. I moved to a better place. I stayed away from her dad as much as possible. That day changed my life so much and I am forever grateful. My mother is now my best friend. I have my GOOD friends back. I have a relationship with God. I respect and LOVE myself. I have not gone a day without seeing Lyle since I became pregnant with Ellie. My idea of a fun Friday night is dancing around the kitchen with my kids while baking cookies and trying to see who can make Ellie laugh the loudest. Cuddling up in bed with both of my beautiful babies and watching Space Jam over and over. I get asked why Lyle didn’t change my life like I always say Ellie did. He did change my life, he made me a mom. But I did not know who I was or what I wanted outside of that because I was still so young and inexperienced in life. I’ve done the “party life” now and I never want to do it again. Nothing feels better that waking up to my kids and nothing feels worse than waking up hungover without them. They are my everything and I am grateful for BOTH of them. I’ve made mistakes and I’m not perfect but I can guarantee you that I will never miss a day with my kids ever again. Thank you November 1, 2014 for changing my life for the better, actually for the BEST. Thank you God. & thank you to all of my friends and family who have stuck with me through it all and have always been there even when I didn’t deserve it. A year ago I was a lost, scared, mindless, little girl and today I am a strong, motivated, happy WOMAN and MOTHER. 


Bentley (Maci and Ryan)
Jayde (Maci and Taylor)

Sophia (Farrah and Derek)

Leah (Amber and Gary)
Emilee (Gary and Kristina)

Jocelyn and Jayda (Ebony and Josh)
Jaelyn (Ebony and James)

Weston and River (Whitney and Weston)

Carly and Nova (Catelynn and Tyler)

Jace (Jenelle and Andrew)
Kaiser (Jenelle and Nathan)

Lyle (Nikkole and Josh)
Ellie (Nikkole and Ryan)

Nevaeh (Valerie and Matt)

Aubree (Chelsea and Adam)
Paislee (Adam and Taylor)

Aidan (Lori and Cory)
Rylynn (Lori and Joey)
Logan (Lori and Unknown)

Jordynn (Samantha and Eric)

Brooklyn (Nicole and Tyler)
Scarlett (Nicole and Kenny)

Aliannah and Aleeah (Leah and Corey)
Adalynn (Leah and Jeremy)
Remi (Corey and Miranda)

Summer (Lizzie and Skylar)

Isaac (Kailyn and Jo)
Lincoln (Kailyn and Javi)
Velisse (Jo and Vee)

Brody and Ryley (Brooke and Cody)

Genesis and Giselle (Felicia and Alex)

Liam (Emily and Daniel)

Za’Karia (Markai and James)

Austin (Aubrey and Brandon)
Ryland (Aubrey and Unknown)

Destiny (Christinna and Isaiah)
Naomi (Christinna and Dalonte)

Rylan (Kayla and JR)
Bryce (Kayla and Zach)

Blake (Megan and Nathan)
Silas (Megan and Chase)

Callie (Ashley and Justin)

Noah and Arri (Jordan and Brian)

Joshua and Noah (Jennifer and Josh)
Sebastian (Jennifer and Luis)

Miah and Mason (Jamie and Ryan)

Jamie and Jayleigh (Danielle and Jamie)

Kylee (Cleondra and Mario)
Adrian (Cleondra and Micheael)

Preston (Kayla and Mike)

Enrique and Anastazia (Izabella and Jairo)

Kay’den (Kianna and Zak)

Aubri (Taylor and Nathan)

Aydenn (Allie and Joey)
Christopher (Allie and Chris)

Gannon and Jaxie (Mackenzie and Josh)

Molli (Katie and Joey)

Nova (Briana and Devoin)

Aniyah (Lindsey and Forrest)

Arabella (Alex and Matt)

Chase and Skylar (Jordan and Tyler)

Kaylee and Ryleigh (Myranda and Eric)

Tristan (Hope and Ben)

Tinleigh (Sarah and Blake)
Tessly (Sarah and Justin)

Audrey (Sabrina and Iman)

Landon (Devon and Colin)
Layla (Devon and Eric)

Lukas (Kristina and Todd)
Joseph and Layton (Kristina and TJ)

Aubrey (Maddy and Cody)

Drake (Autumn and Dustin)

Kayden (Millina and Trevor)

Aiden (Arianna and Maurice)

Peyton (Summer and DJ)

Amayah and Amariah (Karley and Tony)

Peyton (Aleah and Shawn)

Laila (Jazmin and Dell)

Genvieve (Jordan and Derek)

Eden (Savon and Eli)

Dayton (Courtney and Scott)

Rowan (Savannah and Stone)


Bentley (Maci Bookout)

Carly (Catelynn Lowell)

Jocelyn (Ebony Jackson)

Leah (Amber Portwood)

Sophia (Farrah Abraham)

Weston (Whitney Purvis)

Aidan (Lori Wickelhaus)

Aliannah and Aleeah (Leah Messer)

Aubree (Chelsea Houska)

Brooklyn (Nicole Fokos)

Isaac (Kailyn Lowry)

Jace (Jenelle Evans)

Jordynn (Samantha Hernandez)

Lyle (Nikkole Paulun)

Nevaeh (Valerie Fairman)

Summer (Lizzie Waller)

Austin (Aubrey Wolters)

Blake (Megan McConnell)

Brody (Brooke Smitherman)

Callie (Ashley Salazar)

Destiny (Christinna Cook)

Genesis (Felicia Cooke)

Liam (Emily McKenzie)

Rylan (Kayla Jordan)

Za'Karia (Markai Durham)

Aubri (Taylor Lumas)

Aydenn (Allie Mendoza)

Enrique (Izabella Tovar)

Jamie (Danielle Cunningham)

Joshua and Noah (Jennifer Del Rio)

Kay'den (Kianna Randall)

Kylee (Cleondra Carter)

Miah (Jamie McKay)

Noah (Jordan Ward)

Preston (Kayla Jackson)

Aniyah (Lindsey Harrison)

Arabella (Alex Sekella)

Audrey (Sabrina Solares)

Chase (Jordan Howard)

Gannon (Mackenzie Douthit)

Kaylee (Myranda Trevino)

Landon (Devon Broyles)

Lukas (Kristina Robinson)

Molli (Katie Yeager)

Nova (Briana Dejesus)

Tinleigh (Sarah Roberts)

Tristan (Hope Harbert)

Aiden (Arianna Hazel)

Amayah and Amariah (Karley Deatherage)

Aubrey (Maddy Godsey)

Dayton (Courtney Ames)

Drake (Autumn Crittendon)

Eden (Savon Looney)

Genevieve (Jordan Cashmyer)

Kayden (Millina Kacmar)

Laila (Jazmin Young)

Peyton (Aleah Lebeouf)

Peyton (Summer Rewis)

Rowan (Savannah Mooney)

Adalynn (Leah Calvert)

Anastazia (Izabella Tovar)

Arri (Jordan Ward)

Easton (Aubrey Wolters)

Giselle (Felicia Cooke)

Jaxie (Mackenzie Douthit)

Jayda (Ebony Jackson)

Jayleigh (Danielle Cunningham)

Joseph (Kristina Robinson)

Layton (Kristina Robinson)

Kaiser (Jenelle Evans)

Lincoln (Kailyn Lowry)

Logan (Lori Wickelhaus)

Rylynn (Lori Wickelhaus)

Mason (Jamie McKay)

Christinna Cook’s baby girl (name unknown)

Paislee (Adam Lind)

River (Whitney Purvis)

Ryleigh (Myranda Trevino)

Ryley (Brooke Smitherman)

Sebastian (Jennifer Del Rio)

Skylar (Jordan Howard)

Tessly (Sarah Roberts)

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I thought the girls were picked for teenmom based of their 16&p episode ratings? I agree there should be more diversity but at the end of the day MTV is a business and wants to make as much money as possible.

I’m not sure how the girls were picked. I know Nikkole Paulun was chosen for TM2, but her mom wouldn’t give her permission.

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Do you have photos of the other girls maternity photos?

Aleah Lebeouf (Pregnant with Peyton)

Brooke Smitherman 
Top: Pregnant with Brody
Bottom: Pregnant with Ryley

Cleondra Carter (Pregnant with Adrian)

Felicia Cooke (Pregnant with Giselle)

Izabella Tovar (Pregnant with Anastazia)

Jenelle Evans
Top: Pregnant with Kaiser
Bottom: Pregnant with Ensley

Jordan Howard (Pregnant with Skylar)

Jordan Ward (Pregnant with Noah)

Kailyn Lowry (Pregnant with Lincoln)

Kayla Jordan (Pregnant with Rylan)

Lizzie Waller (Pregnant with Summer)

Maci Bookout
Top: Pregnant with Bentley
Middle: Pregnant with Jayde
Bottom: Pregnant with Maverick

Mackenzie Douthit: Pregnant with Gannon

Markai Durham (Pregnant with Za’karia)

Megan McConnell (Pregnant with Silas)

Nikkole Paulun (Pregnant with Ellie)

Sarah Roberts (Pregnant with Tessly)

Summer Rewis (Pregnant with Peyton)

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Do you have photos of the girls prom dresses?

Alex Sekella

Christinna Cook

Brooke Smitherman

Chelsea Houska

Ebony Jackson

Farrah Abraham

Izabella Tovar

Jamie McKay

Jordan Howard

Jordan Ward

Kailyn Lowry

Katie Yeager

Kayla Jackson

Kayla Jordan

Mackenzie Douthit

Myranda Trevino

Nikkole Paulun

Sabrina Solares

Samantha Hernandez

Sarah Roberts

Taylor Lumas