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If you’re curious what I wrote I’ll include it. My grammar is not the best I don’t want to hear it.

It has come to my attention through Facebook, as well as other media outlets that have high reputations to uphold, that Nikkole Paulun of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant ‘fame’ has made a post that some are applauding as “an amazing example of parenting”.

I thought you’d like to know that she is not the mother she claims to be. She does not even have custody of her first child, Lyle who is featured in the post. The reason for this is because she would rather party after he was born. Also in late 2012 she claimed to be pregnant by a man named Mike. Immediately Mike and his girlfriend Terry, were sure that she wasn’t actually pregnant. The claimed she was trying to get Mike to come back to her, by faking a pregnancy. Then in August 2013, a photo was posted of Nikkole in a bikini and not pregnant. Her explanation for this came another later and was that she gave birth a week prior. If you look there is photographic proof of this.

She was never pregnant at all and she got her son Lyle believing that he had a baby brother, only to tell him “your brother went to heaven” She sold her story to Radar Online for money so that she could get a breast augmentation, which there’s photographic proof of this (both the augmentation as well as a tweet saying she lied for the money) I can provide proof of the original post and the post she made that has gone viral, was actually stolen from another woman. This woman who does this because she loves her son and didn’t post it for attention. Her episode premiered in 2010, and she’s been trying to prolong her fame ever since and she’s not a good person. She faked a stillbirth, think of all the women out there who have had children that have passed away. She fakes the pregnancy and got her then four-year-old son in on it. What is that to say to America or of Americans? You can fake a stillbirth with no legal action taken and steal someone else’s post, become very famous and popular for it?

I just thought you should about how dirty Nicole Paulun is. People who are applauding her need to know the facts. Until she had her second child in August, no one even believed she was pregnant. Not until the child was physically born because of her previous “pregnancy” she claims sewed his ashes into a bear (there’s a photo of a photo of her kissing a teddy bear, and supposedly his ashes are in there) if that was really her child, I would think that there’d be more photos of her with the bear. Over the time since, she there’s never been another photo of her with that bear.

I would like if you’d post an article. If you don’t, that’s fine. I’m not going to bombard you. Thank you for your time.


anonymous asked:

Nikkole has no right to judge Farrah. She faked a stillbirth just for money. If money is not gonna make you happy, why did you stoop so low to sneak into a hospital room and take a picture of you holding a fake baby and claimed it as "Ashton". She would do anything for money and fame. She has no right to talk.

I agree. Both girls are trash and Nikkole is just trying to stir the pot to get a reaction and sell some articles.

16 and Pregnant Couples

From what I have gathered, 16 and Pregnant couples that are still together are:

Season 1:
Catelynn and Tyler

Season 2A:
Samantha and Eric

Season 2B:
Ashley and Justin

Season 3:
Jordan and Brian
Isabella and Jairo

Season 4:
MacKenzie and Josh
Jordan and Tyler
Myranda and Eric
Hope and Ben

Season 5:
Summer and DJ
Aleah and Sean

(unsure if the following are together, any input would be greatly appreciated)

Nikkole and Josh (back together) Season 2A



anonymous asked:

I didn't even hear about the nikkole/Ashton thing. What happened??

Where do I start…

In a nutshell she pretended to be pregnant for 8 months, photocopying her photos and going so far as wearing a fake belly.

She claimed the baby was born stillborn and used old hospital records from when Lyle was born as evidence it was all real.

A day or 2 later she was photographed drinking with friends in a bikini with a completely flat stomach and no signs of just having given birth to a pretty much full term baby.

She sold the story to magazines and used the money to get a boon job.

If you want to you can check out the FAQ section at @teenmomcentral ’s blog, every thing you need to know is there.
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I find it kinda sweet that Josh isn't being immature and treating Ellie different because she isn't his? Even if they're not back together even if it's just hanging out its nice of him to be decent

I agree, I think it’s cute. Especially since apparently Ellie’s dad Ryan isn’t in her life. I know Josh used to be a deadbeat, but I’m hoping these past 3 years in jail helped get him on the right track for Lyle!