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So I've never followed any of the 16 and pregnant girls if they didn't end up on a version of Teen Mom, yet I see Nikkole everywhere. I remember her episode, but I didn't follow her since. Last time I heard about her, she was working as one of those girls that hold signs wearing bikinis at boxing rings. Can you possibly give me a tl;dr version of what Nikkole has done that has warranted her still being around to thirst for attention?

Nikkole has gone above and beyond to try to stay in the limelight including faking a pregnancy and stillbirth and garnering attention on Facebook by claiming her 6 year old takes her on dates which went viral. 

@teenmomcentral has all the details of her faking her pregnancy here:

16 and Pregnant Couples

From what I have gathered, 16 and Pregnant couples that are still together are:

Season 1:
Catelynn and Tyler

Season 2A:
Samantha and Eric

Season 2B:
Ashley and Justin

Season 3:
Jordan and Brian
Isabella and Jairo

Season 4:
MacKenzie and Josh
Jordan and Tyler
Myranda and Eric
Hope and Ben

Season 5:
Summer and DJ
Aleah and Sean

(unsure if the following are together, any input would be greatly appreciated)

Nikkole and Josh (back together) Season 2A


Lines in the Dust at eta Creative Arts

Lines in the Dust at eta Creative Arts

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It would be a disservice to relegate the play Lines in the Dust as a compulsory offering of social protest fiction and bandwagon outpour seeking attention on entitlement that audiences passively care about its themes and subjects to indict structural racism in America. To applaud it on such terms demeans the work below its highest merit as an actor’s play using race to occur. With it, theaters…

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The Valentine's Day Love Story You've Been Waiting For

The Valentine’s Day Love Story You’ve Been Waiting For

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I’m a love story fanatic. I make no apologies for it. I love a good love story. So, as Valentine’s Day nears, I’m so glad to say that Secrets, the fourth book in the Exclusive series is hosting special PREVIEWS.


I consider the Tisha Ariel Nikkole series the “Love Story You’ve Been Waiting For” because Tisha and Shout know they have or had a good thing, but…

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I didn't even hear about the nikkole/Ashton thing. What happened??

Where do I start…

In a nutshell she pretended to be pregnant for 8 months, photocopying her photos and going so far as wearing a fake belly.

She claimed the baby was born stillborn and used old hospital records from when Lyle was born as evidence it was all real.

A day or 2 later she was photographed drinking with friends in a bikini with a completely flat stomach and no signs of just having given birth to a pretty much full term baby.

She sold the story to magazines and used the money to get a boon job.

If you want to you can check out the FAQ section at @teenmomcentral ’s blog, every thing you need to know is there.
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Wasting Moonlight (Sick Individuals)
This Could Be Love (Delaney Hane)