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When You Die, You Live: Nikko Gray Expected

Anxious footsteps in my brain
Wander off to foreign land
Blind till now, expected Rain
Proven wrong by loving hands

… Expected Something …

I heard a voice inside my head
Put the Fog upon my Window
But you replied to me instead
Never ending Love crescendo

… Expected Something …
… Ended up with Nothing …
… Expected Nothing …
… And I ended up …
… Ended up with Something …

Strange Emotions run me ‘round
Instead I let 'em float around
Peaks and Valleys
Highs and Lows
I let go and I let flow

… Expected Something …
… Ended up with Nothing …
… Expected Nothing …
… And I ended up …
… Ended up with Something …

You guys already know that Nikko Gray’s lyrics can preach.  She recently released 2 EPs, one of them including a collaboration with her Quincy Jones, producer extraordinaire, AFTA-1.  AFTA-1’s thought-provoking ambient sound is a perfect match for Nikko Gray’s free flowing, metaphoric songwriting approach.  Nikko Gray has the ability to write voluminous lyrics in unassuming short phrases.  Her lyrics are like a work of art.  It makes you want to stop and reflect on the multiple meanings of the song from Nikko Gray’s perspective and then yourself. 

When I look at her lyrics, I think about the scripture in John 11:25-26:

25 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; 26 and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”

Only God could create a kingdom where you must die to live.  Living for Jesus is like living in a foreign land.  I was raised to believe that being a Christian will be boring, joyless experience where I will constantly feel that I’m not good enough.  I expected that every time I made a mistake, God would Joe Jackson whup my tail into a self-condemning stupor.  However, I was “proven wrong by loving hands”.  When I began to empty myself of my shame-filled expectations of God, He began to speak to me that I was His beloved.  This song reminds me that I have to have God’s expectations and not my own.  Bandcamp


SPEAK! ft Nikko Gray- Televangalism (prod by Micahel Uzowuru & Jay Cue)


I have an album coming out next week…On my own fucking label at that. How sick is that? It’s been a long journey and I’m happy these songs are finally seeing the light of day. It felt like it would never happen..but here we are. If you watched any of the freestyles, came to any of the shows, downloaded any of the old stuff, messaged me,tweeted me or whatever I thank you. This project has consumed the last two years of my life & would not be possible without that continued support. I’m excited you finally get to hear the songs I’ve played millions of time over and over again inside my head. I’m eager to share the ideas that kept me up at night and nearly drove me insane. There were no PR masterminds, big budgets or tastemakers powering this project. Just a lot of passion and some help from my equally talented friends who are the real stars of the album. I hope you enjoy. Gnarly Davidson is available for pre-order on itunes. See ya May 6th.



From the EP ::LOVE SEEN::

Directed by Holly Port, Edited by Kelly Port.


#14 AFTA-1 “H(eye)LAND Ft. Nikko Gray

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SPEAK ft Nikko Gray - Let Downs (prod by Caleb Stone)

Directed by Spaghetto

I originally wrote the hook for B.O.B. I always envisioned Norah Jones singing it. The A&R’s at Atlantic records laughed at me under their breath and said it wouldn’t work. They said it was too personal. They were right. I’m glad they didn’t like it. Those idiots didn’t deserve this hook. It ended up becoming a crown jewel on my album & a song my supporters sing word for word when I play it live. It’s a big piece of who I am.

Gnarly Davidson ON ITUNES

Stream Let Downs Here

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Last week the beautiful and talented Nikko Gray stopped by The Brickbox to give us an update on her music hiatus, among other things. This London born songstress is gearing up to release some highly anticipated music. Nikko has been very busy, with her hand in a bit of everything, as we chatted she gave us some insight on what she’s doing

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EveryThing .Goes .OUR .Way . (Cover)
  • EveryThing .Goes .OUR .Way . (Cover)
  • ∂eƒ Sound x Nikko GR▲Y
  • ▲❍▼❏.Shaped.▲❍▼❏.Sounds.

“Everything​.​Goes​.​OUR​.​Way (Metronomy COVER)”

by ∂eƒS❍und x NiKK❍ GR▲Y now known as Only Children . (Re)produced by RC & ∂eƒ Sound Combined Minds .

From thee Λ O V _ . Shaped . ▲❍▼❏ . Sounds . project….

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