nikko frikko

Tanya Mushayi on her favourite book

“Everytime I feel I’m losing my way on my creative path I re-read "The Alchemist” by Paulo Coehlo. It reminds me that life rarely turns out the way that we planned. We must always realise that we WILL definitely face obstacles before success. Nature teaches us this very lesson every day when we witness that its always darkest before dawn. History is largely told as a chronicle of great people doing great things. For most of us, life is not made up of big moments but it's made up of small moments. With every small choice, with every small decision, we are defining ourselves.“


These shots were taken for the ‘Look of the day segment’ i usually do on Lookbook.  The dress im wearing was my aunts crochet dress from when she was my age in the 80’s they were big in Zimbabwe in those days. Now crochet is back in fashion; it’s funny how fashion comes full circle. The crochet and knitting industry was big in Zimbabwe in the 80’s but now its a dying skill only a few still make garments made in this style. I also love how my mother and aunt are somewhat hoarders and never throw anything away. I now get to wear genuine vintage clothing older than i am straight out of their wardrobes. - Nikko Frikko