nikko d

the last few months had been a complete change for devon and his lifestyle. he’d gone from video games and barely studying, to working out at all times and hanging out more often with the jocks in his school. of course, with that came less time spent with nikko both in and out of school. the two barely talked nowadays, their relationship having become increasingly complicated ever since they decided to add sex into their relationship. yeah, they were having sex secretly. it was a routine thing. his girlfriend would send him a dirty text and the first person he’d run to to get off was his best friend. if his girlfriend taunted him with a short skirt, he’d text nikko to meet up with him in the empty boy’s locker room. they were becoming different and slowly drifting apart more and more everyday but he couldn’t help the sudden changes. that didn’t stop devn, however, from phoning his best friend and asking him to come over. these days he’d only make that offer for two reasons: he was desperately lonely or he needed sex. it was no longer in between for both of them, which was the saddest part of all of this.


Went to Black Mark Day at Nikko Circuit at the weekend. It’s an open drifting day where drifters of varying skill levels get to hone their skills on the legendary circuit. Large groups of cars are out on track for about 10 minutes at a time, so spectators get to see a lot of drift action. 

There was a good turnout and a wide variety of drift cars; AE86s, Silvias, Skylines, Supras and Chasers along with rarer vehicles such as this red Supra JZA70 with a Soarer front.