My Badgermole cosplay from Avatar the Last Airbender :)
Day 2 of Almacon <3

I feel I should explain the top left picture, when it comes to cosplay I believe in functionality. So I made wholes so I could pull my fingers out when needed instead of taking the gloves off every time I needed to use my phone/camera/whatever. So they’re worn like regular gloves :)

Not going to the gym doesn't only affect weight...

I’ve been spending my money (that is supposed to be my savings) super frivolously.  I think its because I haven’t been in the gym.  

If I go to the gym—->I will spend less time on the internet—->find less things I think are cool and need/want in my life—->thus spend less money and work on my weight loss.

Sounds like a good plan amiright? 

May Self-Love Challenge

May 15, 2013, Day #3
I love my freckles, no particular reason why 
I have lots, but these the the most prominent

May 16, 2013, Day #4
I love my hair <3
Most of you who do not know me irl probably don’t know that I have 3 feet of hair.  It is naturally stick-straight so I don’t need a straightener (nor would use one anyways).  

My hair is my “baby” if you will.  I do not own a curling iron or straightener. Wait, actually I do have a straightener but that’s for cosplay wig styling.  I do not dye my hair, and I do not wash it everyday.  


Beware the Ides of March!!!

I REACHED MY GOAL YESTERDAY!!! It took me a little over 2 years to do, but it was totally worth it! From 185 lbs (January 2010) to 140 lbs (October 24,12).

I did it with healthy eating habits and regular exercise, no supplements, no “weight loss pills”, no fad diets, no crash diets, and I never starved myself. I did it with my own will power and determination. There were times where it sucked because it was hard, there were times I just wanted to give up. I kept going and made sure I got back on track if I fell off for a few days/weeks.

My goals are changing from weight loss to muscle gain. My goal has never been to be “skinny.” I want to be fit with toned muscles, so I’ll be working on resistance/strength training on various parts of my body.

Thanks to everyone who helped me get here.   :D

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Weight Loss Problems #465
  • Co-Worker:What do you mean you were heavy?
  • Me:I used to be 185 pounds.
  • Co-Worker:No you didn't!
  • Me:Yes I was chubby.
  • Co-Worker:You did not weigh that much, I bet it was all muscle.
  • Me:It was NOT muscle, I've lost weight since then
  • Co-Worker:I don't believe you.
  • Me:(getting annoyed) Would you like to see a picture?
  • Co-Worker:Sure
  • Me:(pulls up picture from facebook on phone)
  • Co-Worker:What? You weren't that bad.
  • Me:I've lost 40 pounds, and I had a BELLY!
  • Co-Worker:Well, you didn't look fat
  • This conversation bothered me more for the fact that my co-worker just completely wrote off that I've lost 40 pounds because "I didn't look big" in my pictures.
May Self-Love Challenge: Day 1
May 13, 2013, Day #1

I started this a little late obviously, however I felt starting it today would be a great birthday present!  My birthday is June 13 <3

For my first Self Love is my determination
I went back to school even though I had been kicked out several times for bad grades.  It didn’t stop me when a few people said that college wasn’t for me.  As of right now my GPA is a 2.94 (SO CLOSE TO A 3.0!) and my studies are numero uno!  Seriously I quit my second job to go to school full time until I graduate.  

Tips on How to Eat Junk Food Without Going Overboard

We’ve all been there, someone brings in cookies to work, or you just have a craving for that burger.  Weight loss is not restricting all bad foods, it’s learning how to stay in moderation.  You can still eat bad things, just keep some of these tips in mind:

1. Portion Control is your friend, order or make the smallest size available.

2. If the size is still large or very high in bad refined sugars, bad fats, or high in calories, etc(whatever is important to you), only eat half and either save the rest for later–at least 24 hours–or share it with someone else.  Worse case scenario: throw the rest out if you don’t think you can stop yourself.  (I hate doing this one because it is wasteful, but it works)

3. Research the nutrition menu of a restaurant before you go to it.

4. Keep excess sweets and other junk food out of your home.  This doesn’t mean never have any junk food at home, I have a bag of Hershey Kisses (2.5 lb bag thanks to my dad) that have been in my fridge for over a month, I only eat 2-4 pieces per day.  I don’t have ding dongs, candies, chips, and pastries, and all that bad stuff.

5. If you’re hungry, eat a meal.  Then when you’re done if you’re still hungry have a little dessert.  This way you’re less likely to binge on the bad stuff.

6. If you know you’re going to be eating badly later in the day, exercise a little bit longer and/or harder.  

7. Don’t starve yourself throughout the day when you want to eat a bad meal, you’re more likely to binge that way.  Eat healthy and drink plenty of water during before the bad meal.

8. Substitute part of the bad foods.  For example, when you order a burger at a restaurant, substitute the fries for something healthy like a salad or other veggies.  This way you still get the greasy food you’ve been craving, and not go overboard.

So you can still have your cake and eat it too, you just have to be smart about it.  ;)

Learned about this tea in my Spanish grammar class.  To my surprise, I found it at my grocery store in the organic section a few months ago.  (I also found out the local co-op store also sells it)

It has kind of an earthy/smoky flavor to it.  (Of course because I am a horrible person, I had to make it sweet so I used a little honey)  

There are also health benefits from drinking it, such as having more antioxidants than regular green tea.  

There is about ¾ the caffeine of a cup of coffee, which I normally avoid caffeine since it makes me jittery.

However, upon doing a little more research I found that certain types are linked to cancer–It all depends on how the leaves are dried/processed.  But then there is research saying it prevents some cancers too…It’s a little confusing.  

Easiest fix: always get the organic version (and/or the non-smoked) and drink it once in a while.
  Like anything that is “bad” for you don’t eat/drink it in excess. 

All in all, it was lovely.  I’ll probably just take my time with this tea and use it when I crave it.

Article #1 
Wikipedia yes not 100% reliable but still has some decent info
Article #2
Health Benefits

Possible Motivations?

Welp, my over indulgences and being lazy have been getting the better of me.  

I’ve only gained about 5-8 pounds of weight which isn’t much, however I’ve lost all the muscle definition I got from last summer.  So with how fat is more “fluffy” compared to the more dense muscle, it looks more like I gained about 10-15 pounds.

That’s not all, my ankles/feet started swelling again.  This happened a lot when I was at my heaviest.

I’m dehydrated

I got tired walking up 1 flight of stairs!  Just 1, when I was exercising I could do 3 flights skipping stairs and I was fine.

I’m more tired than usual

I’ve started snoring heavily again–which disrupts my sleeping.  

TMI sorry: I’m not eating enough fiber so I’m having problems pooping.  

Sooooooo, I need to get my shit together.  My bf and I will be starting cardio on Monday.