nikkikoala90 replied to your post: So, the thing is, I love my dad more then anything. But it’s so hard when my family has such high expectations for me as a daughter. And I don’t feel like I fit those expectations, because I really just… I don’t think my reflection shows who I am really on the inside. And my dad just got called to war, but he hasn’t even recovered from the injuries he got last time he got called to war, and anyway, what I’m trying to say is… I cut off all my hair and pretended to be a man to save him, but I don’t know how he’ll react when he finds out. Help!!

Listen, anon, I think you just need to… You know, get down to business. To defeat the huns. I mean, did they send daughters when they asked for sons? Oh. Wait. Shit.

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AAAAAAAAH! YOU ARE?! IT's such a beautifully endearing, heartwarming and FUNNY show. And Shannon is totally the light of my life. This makes me so happy!!!

I only started watching it because my brother kept talking about how great it was and I’d only seen like, one or two episodes before and I seriously cannot stop watching it. It’s brilliant! 


nikkikoala90 replied to your post: I my ex-boyfriend is out of jail. We were in love in school, for a long time, but then he betrayed our friends and got sent to jail for murder. It was a really awful, tough time for me, made even worse by the fact I have an incurable disease. But he’s escaped. And now I think maybe he didn’t kill anyone, or betray us. I’m just so torn, because how can I trust him? He never told me the truth. I want to trust him, I want him to be kind like I thought he once was, but that’s just my heart speaking. I still love him, horrible things he did, and I want there to be some way he’s right. But it’s going to drag his godchild and friends into it, and I’m worried someone is going to get hurt again. Everyone gets hurt around him, it seems, especially me. What can I do but stop him, even when it kills me inside?

God, stop being so moody. Is it your time of the month?

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close up of dos fingers on a piano, like on a keyboard in TSN. OMG, ANGIE, JUST IMAGINE A PRETTY WOMAN-ESQUE PIANO SEX SCENE WITH HIM. Shh, JUST LET A GIRL DREAM.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING NIKKI WHAT ARE YOU SAYING WHY DO YOU WISH TO KILL ME WHYYYYYYY ARE YOU GIVING ME THESE MENTAL IMAGES? i realized after they announced it that “piano prodigy” means at least two scenes of him playing the piano, which he’ll probably play himself, and that alone will make me sob. but then i realized all piano scenes in movies have a lot of close-ups on hands and fingers, and that will make me scream. SO DON’T EVEN IMPLY THE POSSIBILIY OF HIM DOING SOMETHING LIKE THAT ANYWHERE NEAR A PIANO, BECAUSE IMMA HAVE A HEART ATTACK. I MEAN YOU REMEMBER HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS SCENE IN PRETTY WOMAN. IF YOU REPLACE RICHARD GERE WITH JESSE, THEN IT’S JUST DEATH.

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i want to die at the possibility of it being GQ

where did the gq thing come from? was it in the caption of the pictures? because i don’t want to believe it and then have it not be true. but… it does look like a gq photoshoot. it’s that kind of weird premise they always do, a man looking like a gqmf while doing something odd, like rolling in the grass or jumping into pools, or in this case, holding balloons and stuffed animals. I DON’T KNOW. I MIGHT DIE IF THIS IS FOR REAL.

So, I still fangirl whenever you talk to me but its only because I’m so awestruck at how amazing you are, and how sweet you are to me. You were this way right off the bat, and I just find it so…ksjdgnskjng, I can’t even find the word but I love you. I love you A LOT NIKKI! Also I didn’t add it, but you are the porn queen babe. You and Kat are the smut/porn queens (: