New video from Ramin Karimloo’s Instagram:

“It would appear my family are my steroids. Feeling stronger than ever. 405lbs for reps. 3 sets of 5 to start off things before today’s pre matinee workout. No more wrist straps. Been building up my grip strength. This is the second set of 5. Always room for improvement. Been nice to focus on real things lately, family, work and fitness and trying to keep the rest of my mind clear. Which means less social media just to keep the head a little less busy. Using Instagram to keep inspired by the likes of @nikkihallswbffpro @tim_rogan @amandalatona @whyclaw (and Mikey-J2Fit) @transformLLC @tomocoleman to the most inspiring and supportive person of all. Who does more than anyone I know and also is one sexy lifter. She definitely keeps me focused on my goals while holding down the fort back home, @mandykarimloo - you’re one inspiring woman. (With a killer booty. I thank you)”