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Headcanons for your imagined children because they sound amazing!!

Well LET’S SEE –

  • Nikki Stark is definitely the oldest, with James Rogers being a year younger than her and then Stephanie Barnes two years younger than him and the same age as Tatiana Rogers.
  • Sam and Sharon’s kids are definitely in the mix, too – their daughter Riley is the same age as Stephanie and Tatiana, and their son Carter is a year younger than them.
  • Pietro and Darcy also have a son, Francis, the same age as James. (He and Stephanie are actually born on the same day but 12 hours apart, and it’s kind of a joke but not really among everyone that the cousins are basically like twins, too.)
  • Cooper, Lila, and Nathaniel Barton are the Cool Older Cousins, of course.
  • Nikki and James are the most protective of everyone and are the closest to each other, even if they’re almost always bickering about this and that and sometimes the most obscure and unimportant things. It’s hilarious and a little bit annoying, but that’s Big Brother and Sister, for you.
  • Tatiana is her father’s daughter – meaning, she’s the one that gets everyone into shit. She believes in adventure and is always trying new things, and while she doesn’t go out of her way to break the rules, she doesn’t exactly mind bending them here and there. Stephanie and James are almost always the ones to try to reign her in, but her charm wins them all over in the end. But she can charm their way right out of trouble, too, so it’s fine.
  • Nikki and Stephanie are into science: Nikki takes her father’s green technology campaign and runs with it, and Stephanie adopts her father’s fascination with technology and science in general. The two are always collaborating and sharing notes and helping each other with projects.
  • Tatiana is a cheerleader and convinces Riley and Stephanie to try out with her, and of course they just roll with it. James has mastered the art of the Cheerleader Ponytail because he offered to help Tatiana fix her hair once and it just kind of became a thing for all three of them.
  • …Which is why it’s especially easy for them to cheer for football games, since James is the quarterback, and obviously they know he’s the best!
  • Francis and Carter are on the swim team, and Carter isn’t entirely sure if Francis dips into his super-speed during events or if he’s just naturally fast without it. Francis, of course, has fun in making sure he never finds out. (He actually can’t cheat underwater, and as they get older, he’s a little miffed that Carter is just seconds slower than him.)
  • Sleepovers were obviously a big thing growing up, and stay a thing even when they get into middle school and high school. It’s easy when they spend so much time together between school and practices, and it’s not like their parents mind having a few extra mouths to feed. It’s like an unspoken rule that they rotate who happens to be housing the kids.
  • (But Tony and Pepper do the most, because they have the space and the luxury of feeding so many growing kids each and every day.)
  • James and Tatiana are called America’s Angels by the public. Clint thinks it’s hilarious, and Natasha’s 75% sure that he was the “anonymous” user who started it. Laura is inclined to agree.
  • Also, Tony gives all the kids Iron Man pajamas as part of their Christmas gifts, much to their parents’ chagrin and low-key amusement.


I know I have more that I’m just drawing a blank on because it’s been three days since you sent this and I’ve been too swamped at work and at home to sit down and write everything down until now. But. Yeah. I think about these kids a lot, okay? Also, my ships being parents gives me so much life.

I was so excited because I was seeing the first black performer to play Eponine, Shanice. I was completely blown away. I felt like I could have been the only person in the theater as if this story was being told just for me. It was romantic and dangerous and the music was lush and it was everything I ever wanted. It was all that much sweeter because one of those girls looked like me. I could picture myself running through the streets of Paris and fighting on the barricade and now I get to do it for real. That performance is one of the most vivid memories I have or seeing theater as a young hopeful actor and theater lover. I still can’t really believe that I am going be part of this show’s rich history. I just hope that I will be able to give just one young theater-goer the same kind of experience I had when I first saw the show.
—  Nikki M. James

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Les Miserables Pride Playbill- June 24, 2014- Signed at the stage door by Andrew Kober, Ramin Karimloo, Nikki James, Caissie Levy, Chris McCarrell, Will Swenson, Max Quinlan, McKayla Twiggs, Gaten Matarazzo, Angeli Negron, Keala Settle, and Cliff Saunders.