True Love Waits

Whenever I see Billy Crawford I remember my ex boyfriend. Its not that they have resemblance. But its because of what he had done to Nikki Gil. I’ve been there. I was left for another girl. I was hopelessly inlove with him during those times, my world almost revolves around him. I expected a lot from him. Dream about our future. Introduced him to my family. I felt like everything was perfect. I felt like he’s the one. Until he dropped the bomb on me the night after my 21st birthday celebration, he asked me for his freedom back. I couldn’t believed that it was happening. I almost died. I fought but he didn’t. He doesn’t want me anymore. That night was hell for me. I blamed myself for everything. I was so hurt. Deeply hurt.

Days pass, while I’m so busy moving on, I didnt know he’s already falling for someone else. 20 days after our break up he changed his relationship status to in a relationship with that bitch. Who would have thought that he already has a new girl. While Im there stucked in the middle of nowhere. Betrayed. Fooled. A loser. I felt like, what have I done for him to hurt me that way. Couldnt he be more sensitive with my feelings? It kills me whenever I remember those times I shed a tear for him. It was really painful. Very painful. I almost loved him with all my heart.

Losing him was painful. Accepting that he’s now with someone else was really hard. Moving on was never easy and forgetting him was like dying.

I’ve never been like this to any guy before. Never ever cried bucket of tears for a guy and never hated a guy except him.

He was once my everything. My universe. My world. But never I became his everything. Because if I was I’m pretty sure he will never leave for another girl.

I told myself that God has a plan for me. Maybe the reason for my heart being broken was his way of him for me to find the right one for me. So that the next time I fall inlove, it would be perfect. He will love me, accept me, take care of me and will never leave me just because that girl is flirtier than me.

One day. Soon, real soon. I’ll have the best love story ever written in the history of love. Someday.

A Much Sensible Concept of What Love Is Supposed To Be

I got this from Nikki Gil while reading the December issue of Cosmopolitan magazine: “Love to me is such a simple concept : You love the person, you accept him fully, you stay with him, and then you just continue to choose to stay with him against all odds. “

Oh well, if this is the case then I’m really in love with someone right now.

But then, you know, God is the author of our stories. There’s a reason for why it was written that way, and I just have to accept it and take from it what I can, and just try it out again and get it right next time.
—  Nikki Gil on break-up with Billy Crawford 

Am I the only one saddened by this break up? Their relationship was almost perfect.. it was so clear how much Billy loved Nikki and how much she loved him. It just kinda breaks my heart cuz I never looked at them as just a showbiz couple, to me they were just two normal people that were in love. I know these things happen for a reason but you can’t really blame me.

If this were KathNiel I would be extremely heartbroken. I would probably feel like it was I that got broken up with.

twitter follower request: @nikkigil

AAHHHHH. Honest to God, I don’t know how I should react that THE NIKKI GIL requested to be one of my followers. Is that even english? haha

Wait evidence first, before the novel.

YES. On January 19, two days after I received my Nintendo 3DS. (naks!) I woke up to gazillions of tweets. (ok no, 5 mentions, 2 DMs) Since I am a more than certified NILLYs (Yes I’m claiming that title :-p) I was informed that @nikkigil is going to have a Kapamilya Chat with the Mundo Man ay Magunaw cast at 3 pm Philippines Time. ANYWAY, when I checked my trillions of emails that night (Thank you workmates and schoolmates) I saw that someone had requested to follow me. And then I saw “@nikkigil” And  REALLY my phone fell on my face. Good thing noone was filming me. Embarrassing, I know. But I didn’t believe it. I thought I was dreaming, because I was not able to calculate the time (PHI - VIE).

Anywhoo, of course I accepted the request. And who am I to decline the request? Kapalan ng face! ;’)

Wala lang, happy happy lang ako that she followed me. Well I guess my tweet-count wont reach 39k this year anymore, bawal na ang madaldal. Nakakahiya. HAHAHA No more “just woke up, good morning tweet” or “sana maging boyfriend ko si Enrique Gil” HAHA. Behave na. 

AND the cherry on top: THIS TWEET.

nageffort pa sya i-type ang username ko and making me bangit. Yes it’s my favourite! :’). Gandang motibasyon para magaral ng mabuti. hahaha.

Salamat Ate Niks!

Haaaayy, Twitter <3

Love, FAiend (fan+friend)

Billy-Nikki Breakup

Sobrang inabangan ko yung interview kay Billy Crawford sa The Buzz kanina. Sa totoo lang, isa si Billy at Nikki sa mga iniidolo kong couple sa showbiz. Bukod sa ang tagal na ng relationship nila, sobrang dalang ko marinig ang pangalan nilang dalawa na naiintriga ng kung anu-anong chismis. At syempre, pinakaina-admire ko sa kanilang dalawa eh yung pagiging malapit nila kay Lord. Alam ko na ginuide ni Lord yung relationship nila. I know how strong Nikki’s faith in God is. Dati pa lang, pinapangarap ko nang magkaron ng relationship na kagaya ng sa kanila. Unang kita ko pa lang sa mukha ni Billy kanina, nakita ko na agad yung pain. Alam ko na nasasaktan siya. Kitang-kita sa mata niya. Nakikita ko din na mahal niya si Nikki. Naiintindihan ko yung side ni Billy. Naiintindihan ko yung gusto niyang hanapin yung sarili niya kaya niya napagdesisyunan na humingi ng space. Kesa nga naman patuloy niyang masaktan si Nikki. Pero sa kabilang banda, ramdam ko din si Nikki. ‘Di ba sabi ni Billy, ang masasabi niya lang daw kay Nikki ay “I hope you understand.” Siguro, kahit naman ako ang nasa sitwasyon ni Nikki, hindi ko din maiintindihan si Billy kasi mahal ko eh. Mas mangingibabaw yung sakit kesa yung pang-unawa. Pero alam ko na matalino si Nikki. Maiintindihan niya din si Billy, hindi man ngayon pero soon. Sana lang mahanap ni Billy yung sarili niya. Sana maging maayos sila parehas. May God bless them and guide them. Alam ko na may rason lahat ng bagay. At gaya nga ng sabi ng iba, “If they’re meant to be, they will always find a way back to each other.

"I'm lost."

Ang dami ko ng narinig na ganyan. Yung Kailangan ko lang hanapin ang sarili ko. Mahirap magmahal na hindi mo mahal ang sarili mo. Kailangan ng time para maintindihan yung totoong nararamdaman kasi sarili mo din, hindi mo maintindihan. Nababasa ko na yan, tsaka napapanuod. Naiintindihan ko naman e. Tama naman e. Okay lang yun.

Hindi naman natin alam yung nangyari sa kanila kasi ang labo ni Billy. Pero, err. Parang ang labo talaga. Lagi kong sinasabing, “Pwede namang hanapin niya yung sarili niya kasama yung mahal niya ah. Bakit kailangang maghiwalay? Pwede namang magtulungan na lang silang hanapin o ibalik yung dating sila, yung dating siya.” Pwede naman di ba? Pero siguro nga, mahirap ngang magpasaya na ikaw mismo, hindi ka masaya. Mahirap ngang magmahal na yung sarili mo, hindi mo magawang mahalin. Kasi wala kang maiishare sa kanya, kasi ikaw mismo, wala ka.

Siguro nga mali nga si Billy. Kasi parang tinatakasan niya e. Parang iniiwasan niya yung problema nila. Ang hina niya kasi isinuko niya si Nikki para sa sariling problema. Pero, yun nga, hindi natin alam yung nararamdaman niya. Hindi nga natin alam kung anong nangyayari sa kanila off-cam. Wala tayong alam kaya kahit siya nakipagbreak, hindi natin siya masisisi. :(

Let’s face the truth. Love is complicated. It’s a roller coaster of emotions. Masaya ka kahapon, tapos mapapaisip ka ngayon. Ganon talaga e. Pero sobrang sayang nila. Sana mahanap ni Billy yung sarili niya. Pwede pa naman ulit sila. :)

Billy-Nikki break-up.

Tbh, nakakagulat. Nakakalungkot. And people are throwing comments so I’m gonna give mine.
Naiintindihan ko si Billy. It happens. Sa relasyon, lalo na kung sobrang tagal na, posibleng “mawalan ng identity" ‘yung isa. Masyado na siyang sanay na meron siyang kasama palagi so hindi na niya alam kung pano mag-isa, kung paano siya kung wala ‘yung isa. Alam mo ‘yung sinabi ni Basha kay Popoy sa One More Chance? “Parang walang Basha kung walang Popoy.“
And it’s not like hindi nahihirapan si Billy. Imagine the courage that he has to take to let go of that one person na mahal na mahal niya. Hindi rin madali sa kanya ‘yun. But he did. Kasi he wants to be worthy of Nikki’s love. Gusto niyang hanapin ‘yung “best self” niya para maging worth it ‘yung pagmamahal ni Nikki. Sabi nga din ni Popoy kay Basha “gusto kong hanapin ‘yung Popoy na nawala nung minahal kita.“ Kaya ‘wag natin din husgahan si Billy. Madali kasing mag-akusa at humusga kasi wala tayo sa sitwasyon nila eh. I-respeto na lang natin privacy nila 'di ba. And hope for the best para sa kanilang pareho.

The search for yourself.

Halos lahat, hinayang na hinayang sa breakup ni Billy Crawford at Nikki Gil. Apektado sila lahat sa interview ni Billy sa The Buzz.

But why? Ahhh. I know. Dahil ba more than 4 years na sila together and all of a sudden, biglang nag break?

For me, napakababaw nun. Napakababaw na manghinayang ka sa relasyon dahil lang sa length ng pagsasama nila. Mas mahirap ‘pag nilalaban mo na lang ang isang relasyon dahil lang matagal na kayo.

I respect Nikki and Billy’s decision na wag sabihin ang pinakadahilan why all of a sudden, they need to end their relationship. Relasyon lang naman kasi ang nagtapos. Hindi ang pagmamahal nila sa isa’t isa. Magkaiba yun.

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