#1 hardest thing about being a wrestling fan

When two of your favorites, who are your own children in your eyes, are feuding and it is physically impossible for you to fully pick a side so you are personally offended by the WWE for trying to make you choose between your children.

nikki crying over not being there in the ring with brie for her last match

brie crying over dedicating her last match to daniel and nikki

naomi crying over being the one to put over brie in the end of the last match

paige crying because she didn’t want to see brie leave wwe



“Even as a young child, I always knew that I wanted to be a police man. One of the best! But things just didn’t go the way that I wanted. In 5th grade I got an F on my spellin’ homework when I misspelled the word ‘Cop’ as 'The Fuzz’. I couldn’t handle it. I dropped out of school, stabbing my teacher in the face with pencil on the way out. I lived my life in a gloomy funk 'til my late teens when I met a cop…named Gerard. I thought, "I always wanted to be a cop, and his name was Gerard!” How could I NOT kill him…and take his uniform…and his badge…and his face…? Then I could finally live my dream of bein’ a police officer. Then one day I pulled up next to a REAL happy fella who thought EVERYTHING I said made sense. I went like “I like you, want some alcohol?” And we’ve been hangin’ out ever since.“

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The women of wrestling all support each other and get along so well, and it’s sad to see that there’s so much vitriol and animosity from the fans towards them, and the fans are always pitting them against each other. Fans are so nasty and vicious towards these ladies, and there’s really no reason for it at all. And this is how they expect for things in the division to improve?

I’m tired of the Four Horsewomen and NXT women getting hate, I’m tired of the Bellas getting hate, I’m tired of Eva Marie getting hate. I’m tired of the hate period. These ladies have done absolutely nothing to deserve all this hate and vitriol.

thebriebella: My greatest journey in life. Blood, sweat and tears….turning no’s into yes’s and negatives into positives. We never let anyone hold us back and conquering every obstacle was empowering. To all the women I’ve wrestled and watched. Generations and generations of paving the road made #WomensWrestling what it is today. Love to them all ❤️ @wwe


“I’m going to tell you a whimsical story of everything that makes sense in the world! I was in 7th grade, and my teacher said ‘You have to make a science project that puts the world’s greatest minds to shame!’ and I was like 'Yeah, okay, that makes sense’, so I decided to clone myself thousands of times. But at the school fair DISASTER struck. The fair was in a cardboard box, so there was only enough space for me and the judges, but no room for my other clones! They had to wait in the car. The clones were so upset by this that they ate their way out of the car! Along with all the metal in a 500 ft. radius. Boy, they sure did have the munchies!! That’s when Gerard showed up and killed them all! Then to cope with my horrible distress, I took up alcoholism, joined hundreds of cults, and started dating Nikki…ha ha!”

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This episode took way longer than it should’ve, but here it is! We hope you enjoy episode 6 of Nikki and Paige! :D

These girls mean the world to me. I’ve loved this business since i was six years old. Ever since i saw Trish Stratus and Lita on my TV, I knew I wanted to be like them and be in that ring. All these girls have inspired me one way or another and deserve so much. They have shown me what I want to do in my life. They’ve motivated me to want to be a wrestler. And I know I can make it as a wrestler, I know soon enough I will be on that stage and in that ring night after night. This is my future. These are my inspirations who helped me realize that. Without them, I would be nothing.