Everyone please watch this. Get the divas to see it. Get Steph too see it. Get Triple H to see it. Get Vince to see it. These women are so valuable and they have sacrificed so much. They deserve a change. Something needs to be done immediately.

If Wrestlers were Wonderland characters:

(Insane) Alice: Paige

The White Rabbit: The Bunny

The Mad Hatter: Dean Ambrose

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum: Goldust and Stardust

The Caterpillar: Bad News Barrett

Cheshire Cat: Bray Wyatt

The Queen of Hearts: Natalya

The Red Queen: Nikki Bella

The Knave of Hearts: Seth Rollins

The White Queen: Brie Bella

…We’re all mad here.


A few of my Favourite Tweets

Mick Foley: Glad to see #GiveDivasAChance is trending.I have long been a #DivaBeliever #Raw 
FemaleAmbrose: #GiveDivasAChance because they are more than managers, valets, interviewers, commentators AND bathroom breaks #DivaFeministMovement
sombrocko: for every diva that had her weight made fun of and was called a man for having a fit, beautiful and strong body #GiveDivasAChance
sadbrollins: This has nothing to do with cutting the time of men; this has everything to do with giving th time to women. #GiveDivasAChance @WWE
In the words of @Stephmcmahon: women can do everything men can, only better. The divas deserve better. #GiveDivasAChance @WWE
Because being “feminine” does not make the women any less strong, any less fierce, any less of a warrior. #GiveDivasAChance @WWE
Because there is a damn good reason @IamJericho said the men should follow the women’s lead #GiveDivasAChance @WWE
The only reason your female wrestlers are taken “less seriously” is because YOU don’t take them seriously #GiveDivasAChance @WWE
sostratusfying: the disrespect the divas get from wwe and cocky smarks is disgusting they are given little time, yet work just as hard #GiveDivasAChance
Velvet Sky: #GiveDivasAChance is trending. I think the wrestling world has spoken, & it’s nice to see so many people getting being the ladies.