Some Little Things I Love About Camp Camp

-The fact that these children swear and talk about philosophy and violence and have perhaps read Lord of the Flies yet obviously still don’t know everything and it’s both hilarious and adorable.
-Max is good at sewing and knitting
-David learning to pick his battles with Max the more time they spend together at Camp
-Every single one of the kids is weird, which is so great because OF COURSE kids are weird
-There’s really no romance plot because they’re all ten or something so it’s cute friendship development
-The implication that Camp Campbell has always kind of been a complete fucking disaster of a sorts but David just keeps on trucking
-Their mascot is a Platypus that quacks

Things I found amusing/interesting in the newest Camp Camp episode:

  • Gwen’s tiny “oh dear lord no”
  • David scolding Max for saying “you’ve gotta be shitting me” but completely ignoring his “who the fuck is that?”
  • “What’s with the cult leader get-up?”
  • Max looking befuddled, bewildered, and a tad uncertain when he realized David has been telling Daniel all about him.
  • “I’mma stop you right there.”
  • “oh my fuck”
  • Max has apparently made cult jokes before and I don’t think anyone was surprised by this knowledge.
  • “Hey, David? “Yes, Nikki?” “WAKE UP AND SMELL THE KOOL-AID”
  • “You built a sauna?” “THAT IS NOT THE WORD TO FOCUS ON DAVID”
  • The Quartermaster eating rat poison like it’s candy
  • Neil asking for Max’s help and Max immediately stopping to confront Daniel
  • David’s tactics with Max changing from ‘get involved Max! it could be fun!’ to ‘I know it can be scary to try these things, but give it a shot!’
  • David knowing Max doesn’t love things, to the point that he almost latched onto him as a way of reminding himself that not everyone likes Daniel.
  • Max literally throwing himself into the void to prove a point is interesting all on its own tbh.
  • Max and Neil didn’t join in on the song, so I’m just imagining them standing side by side by the table, grinning.
  • Daniel wiggling his eyebrows 
  • “Oh, wait.”