nikki x seth

 AU: Seth and Nikki come out to the ring to tell the WWE 
Universe that they are looking at the future of the WWE because he is Mr. Money in the Bank and Nikki is the #1 contender for
the diva's championship and that they will exterminate anyone
who tries to step in their way. Roman and Paige interrupt
them to express how much they disagree with Seth and Nikki's
comments. Nikki isn't too happy about being interrupted so she
attempts to go after them but Seth stops her before things get
out of control.

that’s nikki saying to seth “you want some? come get some.”

and it get’s him insanely aroused and also humored, because that’s one of her ex-boyfriends catch phrases and he’s just like “haha, stupid cena. i am gonna get me some. i’m gonna get me the best some, you stupid son of a bitch.”

AU: Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and AJ Lee join together to try and rejoin The Shield, following the months of hearing each man complain.

Nikki: All you three do is complain!

Seth: Because these two nuckleheads can’t seem to get it into their heads-

Dean: Stop being so butthurt, you know who the real leader of the Shield was, and it wasn’t you.

Seth: What do you know?! You’re freaking insane! And then there’s this ‘powerhouse’ who is actually worse than-

Roman: Stop being such a bitch, Rollins. Otherwise I will hit you over the head with that stupid briefcase.


(AU) WWE Couple Seth Rollins and Nikki Bella are featured on WWE Countdown: Top 10 Couples.

Nikki: Oh my goodness, Hunter was all bad-ass and Steph was an innocent little daddy’s girl it was so adorable. But as they got older it got kind of gross… 

Seth: Oh come on, Nicole. The Authority is the best power couple of all time.

Nikki: Ew.. Okay maybe to you because you’re like their little lost puppy they adopted off the side of the highway. So you’re like kinda’ brainwashed into thinking that.

Seth: *Imitating NikkiOh my goodness they’re like sooo cute but I have to hate them!!! So GRRR they’re so gross!!

Nikki: Oh my god, I don’t sound like that. You’re a horrible person.

Seth: Yeah but you love me so that doesn’t matter.

Nikki: *Sighs* Oh boy, you’re a keeper.


(AU) WWE couple Seth Rollins and Nikki Bella have been in a relationship for the past eight months. During the sixth month, Seth joined The Authority in hopes that it would bring him to the top, which it did, but he had no idea it would challenge his relationship as much as it has. It’s been a rocky road since with his girlfriend, Nikki. Stephanie McMahon has done everything in her power to try to destroy the relationship that these two have built but they just keep on fighting to be together. Nikki’s completely sick of being taken advantage of and treated horribly for something she can’t help. She comes up with a plan to pretend to break up with Seth, right out in the ring, in front of everybody. Hopefully this will give the two of them the break that they need.

Nikki: I just can’t do this anymore, Seth. I can’t handle all the things they’re throwing at me… I’m sorry but I don’t think we should be together anymore.

Seth: I-I don’t get it. We have been doing fine, why now? Are they making you say this? They’re making you do this… I don’t care what they do to me. I love you, Nicole. I know this isn’t what you want.

Nikki: This is all my choice… It’s just too much, I can’t handle all the stress and beatings they give me night after night… and neither do you, Seth. We don’t deserve this but there’s nothing left to do. It’s over, I’m sorry.

Seth: This is really your choice? You wanna’ throw away the past eight months like it was nothing, is that all it was, nothing?! Am I just nothing to you Nicole?!

Nikki: I have to, there’s nothing else. We’ve done it all and they won’t give up. I’m giving them everything they want, things will get better for us… 

Although the entire thing was just a plot to be together in peace, where The Authority can’t bother them anymore, Seth is almost heartbroken. He know’s they’re still in love and their relationship is fine right now but he’s scared one day it might really come down to this sort of ending.

i want to write a neth bellins fic where nikki is like hella sick with a cold and seth is just coddling her, getting her whatever she wants, and basically being her little man slave until she feels better (but let’s be honest, he’s her little man slave even when she’s not sick)

and nikki appreciates it, but she’s like ‘okay, but stay on the other side of the room i don’t want to get you sick.’

and seth’s just like 'pfft, hell no. i’m gonna cuddle your sickness away.’

'seth, pls.’