nikki wing


Naomi vs. Nikki Bella - Main Event (3/10/15)

What’s the best way to take out a high-flyer? You target their legs (aka, their “wings”), and Nikki did exactly that by focusing on her opponent’s hamstring. After watching her sister be dominated, Brie helped Nikki by showing her what to attack, Nikki took notice and stayed on it throughout the match. I Also loved Naomi’s constant selling and showing of pain even in her offense comeback. The girl is just good, reminds me of The Rock.

Brie and Nikki’s strategy was operative, but in the end, Naomi relied on her known creativity. With her left leg not 100%, her finishers (Rear View, Split-legged Moonsault, modified Leg Scissors DDT) would not be as effective as they normally are to close the battle, leaving her to improvise, pull a trick out of her technical moveset, and pick up the victory by locking in a secured inside-cradle pin.